Stew Perry Home Page

Welcome to the Stew Perry Top Band Distance Challenge Home Page. Here you will find rules, results, and other information about this unique contest. Use the menu above to explore the site.

This event was created by a small group of contesters who were interested in 160 meters (TopBand). The most unusual feature of this contest is that the point-value of QSOs depends on the distance between the two stations. You earn one point plus another point for each 500 km of distance. Points are also multiplied for lower power categories, for both the sending and receiving station.

Participation in this contest continues to grow. The band tends to be less crowded than in the other contests, making it easier to work DX.

The December event, which is the "Big" Stew, has the highest participation, which is due to good conditions in the northern hemisphere, but also due to the Plaques that are sponsored. Lew, W7EW, has been sending out plaques, and they are in shacks all around the world. The categories for the plaques are decided by the sponsors and there are plenty to go around. Typically, there are plaques for stations using small or temporary antennas.

We hope to hear you on in a future event!

The Boring Amateur Radio Club thanks Ash KF5EYY and Bruce WA7BNM for their help setting up these web pages. We also thank Trey N5KO for providing a place for our web presence.