Boring Amateur Radio Club
Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge


The Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge has established itself as the friendly 160 meter contest.  While it enjoys strong activity, the band is slightly less crowded than the major 160 meter contests.  This provides more opportunities for the non super-stations to make intercontinental QSOs. 

To see what plaques were sponsored for the December 2017 event – click here.  

Send in your Cabrillo to 

The 2018 Events will take place on the following dates:

Spring Stew – March 10/11
Summer Stew – June 16/17
Pre-Stew – October 20/21
Big Stew – December 29/30

Click here for full rules.

Cabrillo logs for all events get submitted to  Make sure to make the subject your callsign.

If you logged on paper or with a program that does not support Cabrillo output, you can use the nifty tool WA7BNM has developed. You can find it here: This is a better solution than the old INSTEW.EXE program.

There was a nice article in the 1977 73 Magazine about Stew Perry himself.  Here are scans of that article (thanks to WA5POK): Page58, Page59, Page60, Page61, Page62.

Here are links to all of the previous results:














Here is something you probably were not looking for: