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Welcome to the home page of the Boring Amateur Radio Club - K7RAT.

The Boring Amateur Radio Club has decided to become internationally known by calling as much attention to itself as possible. Recent accomplishments include having its first three newsletters published in full in the NCJ - thus having a distribution exceeding that of the PVRC, YCCC, Frankford and the WVDXC - combined!

The Boring Amateur Radio Club has also sponsored one of the most unique HF contests that there is.  The Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge employs a unique scoring algorithm which gives points that are proportional to the distance you are covering with the contact.  It also gives low power and QRP multipliers to both ends of the QSO.  To learn more about this unique contest – check out the Stew Perry page. 

The Boring Amateur Radio club is also involved in checking logs and creating the write-up for the NCJ CW Sprint contest. 

Bert’s Report - 15-Mar-2014

The BARC’s home page went off the air in August 2012.  This was a sad event as it marked the passing of one of our charter members – K2MM or “Deadbert Zapisek”.  Perhaps his name that he chose was somehow prophetic?  At any rate – it was thought the home page was lost forever..  but thanks to the “way back machine” – all of the old files were able to be rescued.  What you are looking at now is a version of the web page that was recovered – and edited – and now hosted on the machine.  Many thanks to Trey, N5KO and George, K5TR for making this space available. 

The Boring Amateur Radio Club is NOT a paper club. We would rather think of it as a cyber club. The internet can bring people together like no monthly meeting can. We feel the intent of a club is to foster associations between people with a common interest, and to encourage activity. These are goals the BARC has is common with any other contest club. We challenge any club to match our energy and DXCC totals on bands with a six in them (from the Pacific Northwest that is)

The activities of the club station - K7RAT - are starting to be noticed by the general ham population and the call now causes people to turn off their radios when hearing it in a pileup. There is even one station who says they will remove any QSOs with this callsign from their log - since this is an obvious case of callsign abuse.

The Boring Amateur Radio Club is involved in two major Amateur Radio events: The Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge and the Kid's Day Contest. The Kid's Day event has exceeeded our wildest dreams and has been adopted by the ARRL now.

Our dues are enough to cover publication cost of the bulletin - in this case $0.00. To join this club - all you need to do is subscribe to the e-mail reflector and make at least one posting making your presence known (preferably including your Visa number so we can collect your dues). To subscribe, send a message with the word SUBSCRIBE in the text to or (the daily digest version). We would like to thank Trey Garlough, N5KO, for providing a place for the reflector to live.

All memberships are life memberships, so suicide is your only option for discontinuing your membership. Bulletins are sent over the internet and our bulletin editor is whoever posted the last message. These messages may be sent to You should be warned that some of the postings to the club reflector are done with tongue in cheek. Occasionally someone will forget this and take someone else’s' attempt at humour seriously. This is a mistake. Some of the postings could even be described as truly Boring. We do ask that members refrain from make rude postings as a dwindling percentage of the members are just here to help out with the kids contest. They tend to be more refined than the average contester/dxer..

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