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TR log linux port

What is here:

This is a linux port of N6TR's TR log ham radio contest logging software. The original TR log runs under DOS.

Check Most DOS TR features work under Linux.
Check Winkeyer support, along with traditional serial and parallel port keying.
Check YCCC SO2R box support.
Check USB serial ports work just like any other serial port.
Check Telnet packet support.
Check Multi-op networking using standard wired or wireless network.
Check Audio file transmit for phone operation.
Check Open source license: the Gnu general public license version 2.

Click on the image in the upper left for a larger screen shot of the program.


The most recent 64 bit binary release can be down loaded from the github releases page.

Contact information:

Please use the trlog mailing list for general questions or discussions.
My contact information is given at my address
73 Kevin w9cf