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TR log linux Downloads

Disclaimer: This software is free to download and has ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY.

Source distribution

N6TR has decided to allow TR log to be open source. Version 0.40 is the first open source version. I will eventually give better instructions on how to build TR from source, and how to best integrate any contributed code. In the interim if you are planning to make major upgrades to the code please contact W9CF so that your changes will merge smoothly with the development branchs.

The source for the current release is distributed below. With the free pascal compiler and the necessary libraries installed, I type
in the top level directory to make the executables for the distribution. Typing
make -f
make install
in the src directory will create unstripped executables.

The source distributions can be found here:

The source repository is available at:
Github source repository

Binary distributions

The latest binary distributions are below

The binary file is automatically compiled by github runners using 64 bit ubuntu-latest on Intel hardware. This is currently Ubuntu 20.04. Check Runners for the current version if this readme is out of date. Mint and other linux versions based on Ubuntu should also work with that binary. If you are running a different distribution or a 32 bit operating system please build from source.

Latest 64 bit binary relases

Older releases