Introducing “The Y-BOX” by N6TV

A 4-Way Splitter and Breakout Box for the Elecraft K3 and K3S

This looks like a cool accessory that should clean up many a tangled web.”

— Wayne Burdick, N6KR, Elecraft Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

See also “The Serial Box” – a new serial port splitter, amp and keying interface

Front View Rear View

The Y-BOX makes it easier to connect multiple devices to an Elecraft K3 or K3S transceiver:
Connection diagram

The Y-BOX may also be used as a breakout box for any device with a DE-15 connector, including ACOM and SPE amplifiers, the FlexRadio FLEX-6000™ series, and the 4O3A Antenna Genius.

Y-BOX Features and Uses

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What's Inside? (click to enlarge)

Inside View


“The Y-BOX” — Why not?

Bob, N6TV

21 March 2019 00:44 UTC