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The N2IC QTH is located in the southwest corner of New Mexico, near the city of Silver City.  This places us about 70 miles north of the XE border, and 50 miles east of the New Mexico/Arizona border.

The QTH is on a hilltop, with very steep dropoff in all directions except west.

bullet Topographic Map (point marked 6905' is N2IC QTH)
bullet View to EU
bullet View to JA

To the north, east and west, the QTH borders the spectacular Gila National Forest.

Rigs:  TS-950SDX (2)

Amplifiers:  Alpha 76CA, Alpha 76PA

Tower 1:

bulletM2 40M4LLDD 4 element 40 @ 105'
bullet2 el 80 meter inverted-vee beam switchable NE/SW @ 100'
bullet80 meter inverted-vee NW/SE @100'.
bullet160 meter vertical, 14 ground-mounted radials
bulletKLM KT-36XA @ 75'

Tower 2:

bullet5 element 15, 32' boom @ 32'
bullet5 element 6, 16' boom

Tower 3:

bullet5 el 20, 40' boom @60'

Beverages NE, SE, NW, SW

Contest Software: N1MM Logger

Sidenote:  I have given serious consideration to replacing the KT-36XA's with Force 12 C31XR's.  I have had excellent contest success with the C31XR at the QTH of NA5S. In addition, I spent many hours modeling the C31XR with MultiNEC (using a NEC-2 model), and comparing the results to representative monobanders.  Click here for results.  Only economic considerations have kept me from putting up C31XR's at this QTH.