de ke5c
2000-20nn 1982-1985

(click for n5tw station - thanks tom!)
STS-9/W5LFL (mp3)
144 MHz WAS #56

(click for eme)
K1WHS (mp3)
Off the moon!
vy fb links, imho
just morse links
Retired mobile CW station, best shack I ever had:
A practical tool for learning cw and Morse:
If you didn't find the link to The Mill by Jim Farrior, W4FOK, on the page above, here it is again:
Some of my friends frequently demonstrate cw and Morse at our local Santa Fe Railroad depot and museum:
just good links
K5TR, the sysop who keeps the machine hosting this site running:
Georgetown (GTU) is 35 statue miles to the south while Hilltop Lakes (0TE4) is 60 nautical miles to the east of here. Texas is not all desert:
We love the Gulf Coast, especially when the weather cooperates:
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