N6TR Homepage

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This is the home page for Larry “Tree” Tyree – N6TR / WB6ZVC.

Here are some links that you might find useful:

       Boring Amateur Radio Club – K7RAT

       Heavens Above – Resource for satellite tracking and iridium flares. 

       Hey – What’s That – A site where you can find out what mountain peaks you can see from any location in the USA.

       Music List – List of my surround sound and vinyl music.

       NCJ Sprint Survival – Some tips on how to operate the most intense contest there is. 

       Remote Ham Radio information page.  Details from the various remote contest operations I have done.

       Six meter CW EME page – A page documenting my QSO with SM7BAE.

       Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge – Sponsored by the Boring Amateur Radio Club.

       Topband Disease Article – A strange disease affecting operators on the 160 meter band.

       Topband Sounds – A collection of sound files that I have captured on 160 meters. 

       Tower Climbing Service – Providing tower and antenna care in the Portland, Oregon area.

       Tree’s Bird Page – Catalog of the birds I have seen (mostly from around my home). 

       TS850S Repair Page – Tips on keeping your TS850 on the air. 

       Various kkn.net directories with interesting files

       Viewstar PT2500A pictures and information – including schematic and modifications.

       Way Back Machine – Find old web pages you thought were lost forever.

       Weather station at K7RAT.

       XKCD.COM – One of my favorite places to check on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings.

Here are some places I have worked at:

       Instrumentation Technology Systems (1974-1978) – This is where I learned most of my digital design tricks. 

       Litton Industries (1978-1981) For a small division producing an energy management system during the gas crunch.

       Canoga Perkins (1981-1983) Formerly known as Perkins Research, building test equipment for T1 phone lines - 1981 to 1983.

       Electro-Scientific Industries (1984-1987) Initially in their instruments group - then on their Hybrid Laser trimmers.

       Micom (1987-1988) I worked in their modem and PC accessories group during a brief return to Southern California.

       MTI Inc (1988-1989) A small company that built displays for car stereo systems – but has changed a lot since then.

       Etec Systems (1989-1993) Worked for Ateq on laser reticle writers before Etec purchased them – who then was purchased by Applied Materials

       Cascade Microtech (1993-1996) Wafer test equipment and high frequency probes (microwave) from 1993 to 1996.

       Axian Inc  (1996-1997) Contract employee assigned to work at Intel. 

       Intel Corp (1997-2011) Quality and Reliability Manager / Engineering Manager

       LSI Corp (2011-2014) Engineering Quality Director in the Megaraid and adapter board groups. 

       Inrad – (2014 onwards) aka International Radio – provider of accessories for Ham Radio enthusiasts.


You can reach me via email here.  

73 Tree N6TR