N6TR Tower Climbing

Over the past years – I have been known to do tower climbing for various local hams that need help getting their antenna projects done.  I enjoy tower climbing and have done all the work on my own three towers.  Over the years – I have done work for a dozen or more locals – and word has spread through “word of mouth” about my services.  Recently – one of my customers put a card up at HRO in Tigard making my services known. 

If you have a tower job you need done – perhaps I can do it for you.  My basic rate is $135 per hour which includes one person helping on the ground (jobs go much faster with my own helper).   If you are far away – I will probably charge a little for gas/time to get to you. 

Some estimates of time for straight forward jobs:

Remove antenna and disassemble 50 foot tower (Rohn 25 or 45) – 4 hours.

Remove and replace rotator – 2 hours. 

Put up 50 foot tower (assuming base and guy points are already done) with antenna – 8 hours. 

Remove and install new antenna on 50 foot tower – 4 hours.

I can dig your tower base and guy anchor holes – help with procuring the necessary hardware and even mix concrete.  I typically have some used tower available for projects if needed and sometimes used antennas. 

Here is my review page on eham.net.

If you need help with engineering drawings for a permit – please contact Hank – KR7X at kr7x@arrl.net.  He will charge a reduce rate for ham radio antennas. 

Contact me via email for more information – tree@kkn.net.

Here are some pictures of installations I have done:

AG7M – Installation of two towers and monobanders – and years later took them down after he sold the house.
K7JB – Added 10 feet to top of tower (twice). 
KT7E – Added 20 feet to tower – installed Steppir.
NB7PX – Raised Force-12 antenna.
NE7D – Installed Rohn-25G tower and Steppir DB-18E antenna.  Before the Steppir arrived – loaned him a tribander.
W7RAT – Fixed up his SkyNeedle so it moved up and down again – removed old antennas – assembled and installed 4 element SteppIR.

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