CBS by K5KA and N6TV

Download CBS for Windows command line (last updated 2011-09-27, cty.dat updated 2022-11-27)
Download CBS for Mac OS X command line (last updated 2011-10-10, cty.dat updated 2022-11-27)
Download CBS for Linux (last updated 2011-09-27, cbs64 added (tnx N2IC), cty.dat updated 2022-11-27)
Download CBS for MS-DOS

Readme file for CBS:

CBS is a program that produces statistical data from a Cabrillo file.
K5KA(SK) wrote CBS in 2000 to teach himself the "C" programming language and
produce some statistics for the ARRL November Sweepstakes Contest that he
was curious about.  He gave it to a few friends and they started asking
for some changes.  One thing led to another and it now supports the
following contests:

         "ARRL-RTTY" (new)
         "CQ-WW-RTTY" (new)
         "NAQP-RTTY" (new)

CBSW was built by N6TV and is the current supported version for the Windows command line.

CBS runs on DOS only, or in a DOS window for pre-Windows XP systems.  It is no longer maintained.

The CTY.DAT file needs to be in the same path as your Cabrillo file, or in
the DOS PATH.  Only use the CTY.DAT provided with CBS in the Zip file; the
official CTY.DAT distributed by AD1C is too large to work with CBS.

You may start CBS or CBSW in one of two ways:

(1)  Type CBSW with no parameters and it will ask you for the input and output
filenames.  The input file is your Cabrillo file and the output file will be
the report file.

(2)  Type CBSW filein.log
    filein is your Cabrillo file and fileout is your report file.


1.  All dupes are ignored for statistics.
2.  Probable 2nd radio QSOs is predicted using the logged frequency in the
    Cabrillo file.
3.  Some multi-op logs will log QSOs that are not in time sequence.
    ie; 1233 is followed by 1232.  This can happen when the separate PC
    clocks get off a little during the contest.
    When CBS finds this situation it sets the current QSO time to the time
    of the previous QSO, if it is within 2 minutes.  If this is not done,
    the rate statistics get unreliable.
4.  For Multi-2 operations, CBS produces a rate sheet for each transmitter
    and an overall rate sheet.
5.  Thanks to N2IC for porting CBS to Linux.
6.  Thanks to K6TD for porting CBS to Mac OS X.

Summary of recent changes:

Version 10g  2011-09-27:
    * Added new report:  QSOs by Continent.
    * Ignore /MM and /QRP in prefix calculation.
    * Reduce CTY.DAT prefix limit from 6000 to 5500.
    * Now show only CUMULATIVE percentage on rate sheets.
    * Display CBS URL on report header.
    * Insert a leading '0' before 1-digit zone numbers.
    * Produce missing multiplier summary for ARRL 10.
    * Produce missing call area summary for ARRL10, ARRL160, CQ160, and CQP.
    * Fix percentage calculations for mults.

Version 10f  2011-09-25:
    * Expand operator list from 32 to 100 chars max.
    * At EOF, print total QSOs read on console.
    * Added support for ARRL-RTTY Roundup.
    * Tolerate missing exchanges in ARRL-RTTY logs.
    * Fix call area calculation (sum only Ws).
    * Add Totals line to call area report.
    * Fix country pfx lookup when leading '=' found.
    * Fix country pfx lookup when callsign contains '/'.
    * Fix time sequence check at hour boundaries.
    * Allow 2 min. out-of-order time seq. instead of 1.

Version 10e  2011-08-21:
    * Display QSO counts every 100 QSOs instead of every 10.
    * Fix percent sign not being displayed in report (tnx K6TD)
    * Get rid of Ctrl-M (CR) chars copied from headers (tnx N5KO)
    * Try opening both CTY.DAT and cty.dat (lowercase) before giving
      up on locating country file.
    * On reports, use "QSOs" instead of "QSO's".
    * Fix RTTY contest multi-band QSOs report.
    * Support CQ WW RTTY logs same as CQ WW CW or PH.

Version 10d  2011-08-09: 
    * Fix memory overwrite causing mode total to be 0 if 4-digit
      serial no. found in TXRST or RXRST col (tnx K6MM).
    * Fix start/end time of CQ 160 contest rate sheet (tnx W3DQ)
    * Fix multiplier summary for ARRL DX (stateside) (tnx W3DQ)
    * Don't print callareas for ARRL DX (stateside).
    * Print Totals at bottom of Country Summary.

Version 10c  2010-11-26:
      on following line doesn't create bogus error message about
      invalid category.
    * Increase CTY.DAT prefix limit from 3000 to 6000
    * Print warning message if prefix limit is exceeded, and prevent
      both writing and reading beyond the end of the dynamic array.
    * Undo change of 2009-02-19 to recognize full calls preceded by
      '=' such as =TO7A.

Version 10b  2009-10-11:
    * Add CQP support.

Bob N6TV