WinRad Setup and Demo

Note: to view an online presentation showing how to add a Software Defined Radio to an SO2R station, click here. You do not need an SDR to run the demo.
  1. Download and install WinRad from here (1.4 MB).
  2. Download the WinRad User's Guide from here (614 KB).
  3. See this page for screen shots.
  4. Download the - WinRad WAV File (300 MB !) - Please right click the link and select "Save Target As" or "Save Link As".
  5. Unzip the WAV file into the WinRad directory.
  6. Start WinRad and click the [ShowOptions] button, top left corner.
  7. Select Select Input, WAV file, and choose the file.
  8. Press the triangular green "Play" button.
  9. Press the [CW] button.
  10. Click on a signal to listen to that frequency. Fine tune with the scroll wheel on your mouse.
  11. Adjust the filter width by dragging the edges with the mouse.
  12. Change the center frequency of the filter by Ctrl-Right click within the passband.
  13. Click within the passband to change the center frequency or press the [Zap] button to automatically center the passband on the loudest signal.

Text_vs_Morse_Leno_2005_05_13.wmv - Windows Media Format (8.6 MB)