Port Aransas Trip Christmas 2001
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We traveled to Port Aransas for a family Christmas vacation from Sunday, December 16, through Thursday, December 20, 2001. We have been to Port Aransas before between Thanksgiving and Easter, and rarely would we have a clear day. During this trip we were surprised by lots of sun each and every day.

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Crossing from Aransas Pass to Port Aransas and Mustang Island by ferry confirms we really are on vacation. The Sandpiper is mid-island and the view from the living room and balcony is beach and Gulf Coast only - with a few oil terminals on the horizon. (Click to enlarge in new window.)

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We relaxed the first night after eating at Trout Street in Port Aransas, and the next day we visited the Bird Refuge before crossing back by ferry and driving up the coast a few miles to Rockport. There we visited the Texas Maritime Museum. (Click to enlarge in new window.)

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Katy has always loved horses, and after several prior failed attempts, finally persuaded us to go on a family horseback ride along the beach. The Sandpiper where we stayed is visible in the distance in-between Matt and Katy in the third picture. (Click to enlarge in new window.)

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Sunrise was a special treat from our living room. We visited the Lexington Museum in Corpus Christi and that night had a private dinner at Julie's Backyard Bistro in Aransas Pass. Julie was closed but made our vacation extra special by cooking for us while also preparing for a private Christmas Party the following night (thank you, Julie and Mary!). (Click to enlarge in new window.)

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Yep, we're on our way home driving by the last of the Corpus Christi refineries. I stopped to check out a toy for my wish list, and while it didn't show up under the tree, I couldn't have had a nicer present than this family time together and the Christmas dinner we shared at the Stagecoach Inn in Salado. (Click to enlarge in new window.)

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