0TE4: Lunch at Hilltop Lakes on September 29, 2001
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We rented N2112N from Pilot's Choice in Georgetown and had an absolutely smooth ride into Hilltop Lakes. While tying down, Mr. Leon Mayad, a local resident, welcomed us. Leon has lived in Hilltop Lakes for four years and with the help of a friend, eliminated the airport's gopher problem. We had planned to take the short walk to the brunch at the club, however, we just couldn't turn down the ride offered by Leon. The brunch was delicious, and the view from the dining room beautiful.

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Leon Mayad, Emily and Matt Dvoracek (pilot), and N2112N parked at Hilltop Lakes. Emily and Matt sitting in the dining room at the clubhouse. (Click to enlarge.)

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The weather was gorgeous, and several views from the clubhouse area reflect the fall beauty of this region. Finally, we look back at the clubhouse while we walk back towords the airport which is about 1/3 mile away. (Click to enlarge.)

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Airport tie downs border an active hayfield. Finally we are rolling down the runway to take off, and after another pleasant flight, are back at Georgetown Muncipal Airport, GTU. (Click to enlarge.)

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