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This is my second attempt to built a web page and, considering that there are millions of them on-line, including several hundred thousands of ham-radio pages, I must be reasonably proud to have you as a guest here!

This page has been (poorly) created by I2UIY with the invaluable help of Trey, N5KO (thanks!).

The main object of this page is to give both Italian and foreign contest enthusiasts the chance of finding fresh information about the EU Sprint Contest.

Here you can find all the updated and official rules written mainly in English, in Italian and, when possible, in other languages, too. Some pages are dedicated to the Results Listings and to the Score Records and Log Checking. There is a section where you can download some free software to make easier your life in the Eu Sprint.

But it is not all. According to my free time I will add some new texts like some articles that I wrote in the past for some magazines, so please pay attention to the new page-links and visit them time to time.

This page will be "under construction" for a long time and new sections will be added time to time so please be patient but feel free to Email asking for anything that you guess it could be of general interest.

Please remember that I'm wide open to accept cooperation from anyone who is interested to help translating rules in other languages and to supply good ideas to improve this page!

If you have any questions, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll be happy to answer.

73 and... please stay away from my frequency!

de Paolo, I2UIY

Live long and prosper!


Best viewed (1024x768) using Microsoft© Internet Explorer 5.0