Results - 2000 Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge

by The Boring Amateur Radio Club

The sixth running of the Stew Perry Topband Distance Challenge was held on December 30/31st. A record 238 logs were received and our log checking database shows over 1000 stations were active.

The top ten scores regardless of category are shown in the following table. Milt, N5IA, operated N7GP in the Southeast corner of Arizona with 5 watts to produce the world high score with over 3,000 points. Second place went to Milan, OM3TZQ, who worked an impressive 265 QSOs with low power to take first place in Europe. Vlad, UA2FF was close behind with high power.

It is interesting to see that the top three scores were produced with three different power levels. It would seem that the current multipliers do a reasonable job of compensating for the power differences. It is also interesting to note that the N7GP and OM3TZQ logs have only 11 common callsigns between them. Essentially, these stations worked the contest from a different world. Even with high power, Vlad, UA2FF, had fewer than 50 of his 364 QSOs with stations on the other side of the pond. The RF bridge between Europe and North American was not working very well this time out.

Larry, K0RI, made the most of his 5 watts and nabbed fifth place. K2TOP took world muiltioperator honors with a low power effort. There was another close race in Hawaii between Mike, KH6ND and KH7A operated by Aki, JA5DQH. Mike edged Aki out by less than a handful of those 10+ point QSOs. Stan, K5GO edged out N7JW for 8th place and W4SAA, who finished 10th, put a number of 10 points QSOs into the logs of west coast stations from the southern tip of Florida.

Top Ten Scores - regardless of category:

Callsign Grid Power Class QSOs Grids Score Best DX (km) Best DX (call)



























































































Plaques by W7EW

The plaque program for this contest continues to surpass the Boring Amateur Radio Club's wildest dreams (and some of our member have pretty wild dreams). No fewer than 31 plaques were sponsored this time around. Many thanks to those contributing $50 for the following. Congratulations to the winners. You should be receiving your plaque before the next running of the contest.

Plaque Donor



N5OT, Mark

Top Score, Single Operator, High Power, World UA2FF

N5UL, Charles

Top Score, Single Operator, Low Power, World OM3TZQ

Boring Amateur Radio Club

Top Score, Single Operator, QRP, World N7GP (N5IA opr)

Oregon Nocturnal Chordal Corps

Top Score, Multi Operator, World K2TOP

N5IA, Milt

Top Grid Square Total, Single Operator K9DX

N7JW, Jim

Top Score, Single Operator, Japan JH4UYB

K7CA, Al

Top Score, Single Operator, South America No Entry

WA2DFI, Scotty

Top Scores, Single Operator, Canada VA3UZ

KJ9C, Mel

Top Score, Single Operator, Black Hole N0XB

AA4NN, Joe

Top Score, Single Operator, High Power, Europe HA5JI

K1PX, Jim

Top Score, Single Operator, Low Power, Europe G4VGO

ND3A, Rob

Top Score, Single Operator, High Power, Oceania KH6ND

Low Band Monitor

Top Score, Single Operator, North America K0RI

W5PR, Chuck

Top Score, Single Operator, USA W4SAA

KQ6ES, John

Top Score, Single Operator, Low Power, West Coast VE7SL

AA8U, Bruce

Top Score, Single Operator, QRP, W8 No Entry


Arcadia Award – Top Score, Single Operator, Maine, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. K1FK

QSL’s by N0TT, Charlie

Top Score, Single Operator, Age < 21, QSOs > 50 Unclaimed (if this is you, please let us know)

KI7Y, Jim

Top Score, Single Operator, > 50 years old K1VW

W7GG, Bob

Top Score, Single Operator, > 60 years old N6RO

N6RO, Ken

Top Score, Single Operator, > 70 years old W0HW

KQ6ES, John

Top Score, Single Operator, Low Power, Antenna < 46’ N7YW

K5TR, George

Top Score, Single Operator, Prime Number N2WW (1433)

WA6CDR, Robin

Highest Value DX Value QSO, > 20 QSOs in log. K1ZM (156 points with VK6HD)

W1TO, Tom

Longest DX with 100 watts K1PX (QSO with VK6HD)

G4VGO, Bob

Most South American QSOs K8ND

W8NF, Dave

Most Southern Hemisphere QSOs from Northern OH2BO

West RF Consulting

Most Northern Hemisphere QSOs from Southern VK6VZ

N7GC, George

Top Score, Single Operator, WVDXC or WWDXC W7GG

K1FK, Dave

Calcutta Award – Top Score, Single Operator, WI, MN, ND, ON or MAN. WA9IRV

ND3A, Rob

Top Club Score, World Society of Midwest Contesters

Those plaques not awarded will automatically be carried to the next contest. If you would like to change the criteria for winning one of these plaques, please contact

Certificates are once again being printed by Jim, K1PX. Certificates are awarded for the 2000 SPDC to all two letter Grid Fields winners, worldwide, who have attained a minimum verified score of 500 points and not won a plaque. Additionally, certificates will be awarded to all Grid Field winners who have attained a minimum verified score of 1,200 points. That means that a Grid Field can have a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winner, etc. All certificates will be mailed before the next running of the SPDC. Certificates winners are shown using bold type in the score list.

The next Stew Perry test will be held on December 29/30th. A small change has been made to the rules. A 2X multiplier will be given for each QSO in your log with a QRP station that submits a log with at least 10 QSOs in it. This is to recognize that the receiving station does much of the work when making a QSO with a QRP station.

73 Tree & Lew

Here is Steve, VK6VZ and his two harmonics: Sam and Hannah. Steve will soon have the plaque for the most Northern Hemisphere QSOs from the Southern Hemisphere hanging on the wall (note: picture inverted to make it look correct).

High Power Scores - Scores shown in bold are certificate winners

							  Best DX
Call	Grid	Power	S/M	QSOs	Grid	Score	(km)	Call
UA2FF	KO04	H	S	364	199	2637	13162	VK6VZ
KH6ND	BL01	H	S	208	121	2365	8280	K1FK
KH7A	BL20	H	S	198	115	2301	8208	W1BB
N6RO	CM98	H	S	319	167	1784	14760	VK6VZ
HA5JI	JN97	H	S	282	164	1742	13295	VK6HD
VK6VZ	OF88	H	S	62	57	1681	18618	AA1K
K9DX	EN52	H	S	433	193	1672	17599	VK6HD
N7DD	DM42	H	S	285	153	1616	15529	VK6VZ
KV4FZ	FK77	H	S	212	133	1494	8299	LY2TA
N2WW	DM79	H	S	371	166	1433	5465	KH6ND
VA3UZ	EN93	H	S	391	183	1423	8193	PY2FUS
W7GG	CN94	H	S	269	146	1357	8728	JA6BZI
LY2TA	KO15	H	S	243	145	1325	13069	VK6VZ
NB1B	FN41	H	S	290	162	1319	8940	4X3A
4X3A	KM71	H	S	181	123	1294	10459	W8JI
N6FF	CN80	H	S	234	136	1285	14778	VK6HD
JH4UYB	PM64	H	S	68	55	1219	15134	OK1EY
G0IVZ	IO70	H	S	251	147	1171	7542	W5PR
N4AO	EL88	H	S	218	139	1141	8527	9A2AJ
W7RM	CN85	H	S	226	135	1134	8326	JA1XCZ/1
OH2BO	KP20	H	S	176	118	1107	15165	VK3IO
N4CW	FM05	H	S	319	154	1094	18477	VK6VZ
S50A	JN75	H	S	246	145	1090	13511	VK6HD
W8TOP	EN72	H	S	258	152	1055	17724	VK6VZ
N5UL	DM82	H	S	251	136	1055	9672	JA7NI
N1EU	FN32	H	S	242	143	1050	9015	4X3A
K5ZD	FN42	H	S	246	136	1014	8022	KH7A
K1FK	FN57	H	S	193	123	1013	18482	VK6HD
S57M	JN76	H	S	210	142	958	9448	JA1CGM
DL7ON	JO62	H	S	163	109	942	13865	VK6HD
WV7U	DN70	H	S	240	134	940	5475	KH6ND
N8PR	EL96	H	S	189	121	936	8773	HA8BE
KR1G	FN43	H	S	260	138	933	7814	PY2FUS
DK2OY	JO44	H	S	230	134	933	14168	VK6HD
FM5BH	FK94	H	S	114	82	933	8398	OH2BO
W6EU	CM99	H	S	209	123	902	8352	7M3HLQ
N6RK	CM98	H	S	183	111	890	6420	FM5BH
K3WW	FN20	H	S	278	139	887	18770	VK6HD
VE3PN	FN25	H	S	199	123	815	8150	PY2FUS
VE3QAA	FN15	H	S	242	119	805	7729	KH6ND
N2ED	FN20	H	S	269	137	802	7736	KH7A
N5PO	EM12	H	S	195	124	758	16827	VK6VZ
HA8BE	KN06	H	S	190	127	717	12901	VK6VZ
N5RG	EM12	H	S	196	121	715	6191	KH6ND
W9IU	EN60	H	S	261	132	701	3568	P43P
W5PR	EL29	H	S	163	109	673	7542	G0IVZ
RW4PL	LO45	H	S	104	79	670	11871	VK6HD
7S5J	JO79	H	S	158	110	613	13629	VK6VZ
IV3PRK	JN66	H	S	142	101	601	13693	VK6HD
K7RAT	CN85	H	S	123	92	594	8615	JA6GCE
WT9Q	EN53	H	S	191	112	558	3662	KV4FZ
K6TA	CM98	H	S	127	84	545	13676	9M2AX
KJ9C	EM69	H	S	213	112	531	6731	KH7A
UY5ZZ	KN77	H	S	88	70	517	11966	VK6VZ
W3GN	FM19	H	S	200	102	513	3886	N6FF
RA6AX	KN94	H	S	79	65	501	8180	JA1CGM
N6ZZ	DM73	H	S	123	82	485	5439	KH6ND
G3TMA	IO92	H	S	128	93	465	14806	VK6HD
RV1CC	KO59	H	S	124	92	453	12751	VK6VZ
8S5X	JO99	H	S	128	91	426	7969	JH4UYB
NA2AA	FN20	H	S	145	91	418	7736	KH7A
K4BAI	EM72	H	S	139	91	408	3628	W7AWA
WM4Q	EM65	H	S	139	90	398	3274	VE7SL
7M3HLQ	PM95	H	S	37	28	383	9538	N7DD
DJ8QP	JN67	H	S	122	96	377	7896	W8JI
WA8WV	EM98	H	S	160	87	371	7541	KH6ND
SM4CAN	JO78	H	S	31	30	345	13876	VK6HD
K4VV	FM19	H	S	143	80	340	3886	N6FF
N1MD	FN41	H	S	137	74	337	3145	FM5BH
UA9CDC	MO06	H	S	58	54	335	4259	G0IVZ
W4VQ	EL98	H	S	82	63	320	7779	KH6ND
W8RU	EN82	H	S	108	74	288	3317	N6FF
N2BJ	EN61	H	S	99	69	267	3010	N6FF
K3SV	FN10	H	S	110	72	259	3104	KC7V
OE1TKW	JN88	H	S	102	76	250	8989	JH1RES
KG9N	EN50	H	S	87	65	234	3668	P43P
LY2CY	KO15	H	S	77	63	232	8041	JH4UYB
G3TXF	IO91	H	S	81	67	227	5789	VA3UZ
K8LN	EN90	H	S	101	65	210	3475	FM5BH
WS4Y	EM60	H	S	60	50	191	3239	W6EU
DJ5NN	JO61	H	S	99	67	181	2403	RW4PL
SP5DRH	KO12	H	S	48	44	157	8237	JH4UYB
UX1IL	KN87	H	S	38	32	149	11833	VK6VZ
HB9ARF	JN36	H	S	67	52	136	1950	OH2BO
NY4T	EM65	H	S	59	50	133	1650	N2WW
IK0HBN	JN62	H	S	43	38	113	2957	EA8/OH2BYS
WN9O	EN60	H	S	31	25	61	1682	N5UL
DJ6TK	JO53	H	S	23	23	51	3110	4X3A
SM6IQD	JO57	H	S	20	19	41	1564	DK2HH
K6MO	CM87	H	S	10	8	28	3452	K8ND

Low Power Scores - Scores shown in bold are certificate winners
							  Best DX
Call	Grid	Power	S/M	QSOs	Grid	Score	(km)	Call
OM3TZQ	JN98	L	S	266	153	2884	13332	VK6HD
K5GO	EM36	L	S	337	159	2258	8128	UA2FF
W4SAA	EL94	L	S	196	117	1896	8562	UA2FF
W4WA	EM84	L	S	297	146	1880	7448	KH6ND
N0XB	EN34	L	S	296	142	1848	6236	KH7A
K1VW	FN31	L	S	265	137	1818	18592	VK6VZ
K1PX	FN31	L	S	269	132	1764	18847	VK6HD
WA9IRV	EN54	L	S	275	137	1724	6801	KH6ND
N5DO	DM80	L	S	185	110	1576	5640	KH6ND
W3GH	FN00	L	S	242	130	1472	7400	KH7A
K4LDR	EL88	L	S	169	109	1398	8319	UA2FF
K0UK	DM59	L	S	173	107	1324	9175	JH1GNU
VE7SL	CN88	L	S	143	93	1312	7891	JA2ZJW
VE3OSZ	FN25	L	S	207	112	1306	6410	UA2FF
K9MMS	EN51	L	S	207	118	1254	6821	KH6ND
VE6WZ	DO21	L	S	134	90	1222	5039	KH6ND
K1TO	EL87	L	S	128	94	1212	8642	HA5JI
N4DU	EM71	L	S	174	105	1194	7329	KH6ND
K9OT	EN42	L	S	202	113	1194	6649	KH6ND
W0HW	EN35	L	S	186	109	1174	4562	FM5BH
K9LU	EN51	L	S	222	116	1152	3510	KV4IE
G4VGO	JO02	L	S	149	101	1150	14441	VK6VZ
LY1DR	KO14	L	S	145	93	1136	8220	JA3FYC
K9WJU	EN71	L	S	197	113	1128	7154	KH6ND
WJ9B	FM06	L	S	205	112	1112	7465	KH7A
W5ODD	EL09	L	S	135	98	1106	6034	KH6ND
LY9A	KO26	L	S	182	111	1098	6018	K1FK
AF4OD	EM72	L	S	181	101	1052	3628	W7AWA
UT7I	KN88	L	S	88	67	1052	8060	JA1XQC
W1TO	FN32	L	S	162	101	1036	6544	UA2FF
NT7Y	DN31	L	S	156	95	1034	4828	KH6ND
WO9S	EN61	L	S	211	109	1030	3010	N6FF
N8AA	EN91	L	S	189	106	980	7220	KH7A
KG9X	EN52	L	S	182	107	980	3585	KV4FZ
VE3CSK	EN93	L	S	152	97	954	7450	KH6ND
WT9U	EN71	L	S	201	108	950	3077	W7RM
N8BJQ	EN80	L	S	185	101	928	7063	KH7A
W9RE	EM69	L	S	180	105	922	3758	FM5BH
WX9U	EN50	L	S	135	91	886	6830	KH6ND
PA3AAV	JO22	L	S	124	83	872	14400	VK6HD
K9FO	EN61	L	S	141	97	850	6988	KH6ND
K0CS	DM79	L	S	111	84	826	5186	KH7A
VE3KP	FN04	L	S	160	92	806	3633	N6LL
K1JT	FN20	L	S	159	82	798	4018	N6FF
AF5Z	EM10	L	S	104	78	778	3544	KV4FZ
N9SE	EN60	L	S	136	93	768	6725	KH7A
SM5G	JO78	L	S	131	90	758	7796	N4AO
VE7VV	CN88	L	S	89	64	756	4377	KH6ND
K2PT	FN20	L	S	159	89	750	4018	N6FF
S54A	JN65	L	S	131	89	732	13462	VK6VZ
W9SMC	EN62	L	S	135	86	664	2897	N6RO
W9RM	EN52	L	S	118	82	662	4102	FM5BH
G3SXW	IO91	L	S	109	75	612	5611	K2TOP
YU1RA	KN04	L	S	113	76	612	3641	EA8/OH2BYS
WA9AQN	EN50	L	S	106	77	612	6830	KH6ND
NE8O	EN82	L	S	138	81	606	3317	N6FF
K2CDJ	FN22	L	S	105	70	592	3878	N6RO
W9YS	EN52	L	S	106	80	586	6813	KH6ND
AA1SU	FN34	L	S	127	67	552	3086	KV4FZ
KU8E	EN80	L	S	116	72	542	3252	N6RK
N9FH	EN63	L	S	100	69	534	2937	K8PO
VE3MQW	FN03	L	S	111	71	530	3540	N6RK
KJ5WX	EM46	L	S	80	66	526	6697	KH6ND
KE0FT	EN41	L	S	102	65	520	2402	W6OAR
AD8J	EN90	L	S	113	69	518	3431	W7RM
NA3V	FN00	L	S	116	78	508	3586	N6RK
W0UY	EM18	L	S	85	69	492	2362	VE7SL
W2WC	FN32	L	S	89	62	492	4040	N6RO
KS9W	EN52	L	S	86	65	480	2829	N6FF
K0INT	DM04	L	S	82	53	464	4159	KH6ND
K9CW	EN50	L	S	92	67	432	2510	K6NDV
N0AX	CN87	L	S	63	44	410	4322	KH6ND
N2CG	FN20	L	S	74	51	372	3696	K6NDV
DK7ZT	JO40	L	S	75	58	354	9113	JH4UYB
W7DRA	CM87	L	S	57	37	340	3883	KH6ND
G4ERP	IO81	L	S	56	50	336	6658	W8JI
W2YE	FM19	L	S	78	53	330	3182	FM5BH
N7FF	CM97	L	S	65	38	326	4053	KH6ND
JE1SPY	PM95	L	S	21	16	320	9538	N7DD
KN4Y	EM70	L	S	65	44	318	3505	W7GG
DK2HH	JN43	L	S	58	50	314	2447	RA3AJ
N7LOX	CN87	L	S	56	34	312	4322	KH6ND
OM5KM	JN98	L	S	69	57	298	2937	UA9CDC
W3CP	FM19	L	S	66	47	296	3143	N7DD
8S0W	JO99	L	S	47	35	294	7969	JH4UYB
W9SZ	EN50	L	S	70	52	290	2747	N6RO
K8MR	EN91	L	S	69	52	290	3403	N6RO
N4MM	FM09	L	S	56	48	288	3721	N6FF
DL5SVB	JO63	L	S	72	56	268	2318	RW4PL
VE7GDM	CN79	L	S	37	28	260	4312	KH6ND
YO3APJ	KN34	L	S	42	39	260	2566	GM3POI
KB9CRY	EN51	L	S	54	39	250	2614	W7GG
W4EF	DM04	L	S	37	28	244	6192	FM5BH
W6RKC	CM98	L	S	34	31	244	4083	KH6ND
YC0LOW	OI33	L	S	9	9	244	13462	N7UA
GW3NJW	IO81	L	S	50	46	240	1904	LY9A
W5KI	FM29	L	S	46	37	238	5443	G0IVZ
SM4OY	JP70	L	S	43	39	232	2387	RA6AX
LZ2CJ	KN23	L	S	44	38	230	2546	GM3POI
N7YW	CN84	L	S	43	27	226	4168	KH6ND
ON6TJ	JO20	L	S	49	42	216	1673	OH2BO
K9WX	EN60	L	S	47	43	192	1750	N5RZ
KK7UV	DN36	L	S	38	24	190	2259	W8TOP
AE9B	EM28	L	S	31	29	180	2476	W7WA
JE3UHV	PM74	L	S	16	10	180	8313	UA2FF
N9GH	EN51	L	S	39	34	178	2767	VE7SL
OK2EQ	JN89	L	S	38	36	172	8775	JH4UYB
SM7BHM	JO76	L	S	38	33	170	1564	F6HKA
KC4HCH	EM60	L	S	25	24	146	3352	W7GG
W9LYA	EN61	L	S	44	33	132	1539	N2WW
DJ5CL	JN58	L	S	36	32	128	1688	SI3SSA
W3SE	DM03	L	S	21	19	122	4141	KH6ND
W7ZR	DM24	L	S	25	21	108	1685	N5RG
K9PG	EN62	L	S	30	24	106	1314	K5ZD
KC9FC	EM69	L	S	32	30	100	1539	N2IC
DL6ZNG	JO52	L	S	27	27	98	1235	OH2BO
DH1DX	JO60	L	S	21	21	78	1343	OH2BO
DL4BCE	JO43	L	S	21	17	76	1112	DK2HH
G0MTN	IO92	L	S	18	18	72	1482	OM3TZQ
K1US	FN43	L	S	19	14	50	1470	K9DX
JK2VOC	PM84	L	S	15	5	34	1425	RA0FF

QRP Scores - Scores shown in bold are certificate winners
							  Best DX
Call	Grid	Power	S/M	QSOs	Grid	Score	(km)	Call
N7GP	DM52	Q	S	192	114	3080	5064	KH6ND
K0RI	DM78	Q	S	163	104	2440	5170	KH7A
N7JW	DM37	Q	S	153	101	2244	4746	KH6ND
K1ZM	FN51	Q	S	126	77	1800	19076	VK6HD
N7IR	DM43	Q	S	115	82	1712	4881	KH6ND
N7DF	DM72	Q	S	101	75	1492	5440	KH6ND
K5LG	EM36	Q	S	118	84	1244	6217	KH7A
K7NU	FM19	Q	S	154	80	1144	2419	K0RI
N6CMF	DM14	Q	S	75	56	1016	4340	KH6ND
K0CKD	EN41	Q	S	74	60	816	2680	N6FF
N6WG	CM87	Q	S	66	34	604	3883	KH6ND
HA1AG	JN87	Q	S	67	55	564	2368	RW4PL
PA1AT	JO32	Q	S	61	48	504	1676	RV1CC
W3BBO	FN02	Q	S	53	37	380	3353	K6NDV
K6EI	CM87	Q	S	35	22	308	3616	KH7A
OM6AJO	JN99	Q	S	40	33	296	1744	GM3POI
RA0FF	QN16	Q	S	10	6	240	7441	K6TA
WG1Z	FN42	Q	S	29	22	232	2174	K0HA
DL1LAW	JN59	Q	S	25	23	172	1354	GM3POI
K2PC	FN32	Q	S	28	21	164	1189	W9IU
K2QO	FN02	Q	S	21	18	144	1517	K0HA
JR1NKN	CN87	Q	S	5	2	20	267	VE7SV
WB9RRO	EN52	Q	S	1	1	4	278	W9IU

Multi Scores (all power levels) - Scores shown in bold are certificate winners
							  Best DX
Call	Grid	Power	S/M	QSOs	Grid	Score	(km)	Call
K2TOP	FN20	L	M	300	156	2428	18549	VK6VZ
K6NDV	DM15	H	M	343	169	1862	15158	VK6HD
K9IZ	EN61	H	M	413	181	1294	8295	PY2FUS
W5TM	EM15	H	M	313	159	1242	8834	HA5JI
K8ND	EN80	H	M	381	165	1178	8006	PY2FUS
K8CV	EN82	H	M	60	44	117	1876	N2WW


K1JT: Conditions poor here in NJ.

K2PT: 8" snow as contest started will mark the 2000 Stew Perry for me.

K8MR: It was fun imagining this was a VHF contest, working all those cool grid squares.

KE0FT: Got to put up some kind of RX ant! Inverted L not Cutting it. S9+ db of noise

N1MD: Fifth time in the challenge and my personal best. Recovering from the Nor'easter but not serious enough to keep me off the air. No Europe heard. Conditions only mediocre. Only operated about eight hours. Inverted L works better now that it is up higher. Still think need more radials in the spring. See you all next year!

N2CG: Conditions were much better than years past, perhaps improved by 2 feet of snow earlier that day.

W8RU: Great fun. Thanks to all for the QSOs.

KG9N: 160 antenna went open and hour into...too cold to climb the tower to next year!

W5TM: The Beverages were under a thick coat of ice. I'm surprised that we could hear anytbing. Apologies to those stations that called and we couldn't hear.

VE7SL: Great contest as always. Condx not the best but enough east coast.

K0UK: This was a fun contest and my first serious effort with TRLOG and going thru the learning curve.

KJ5WX: Conditions much better than last year. Even heard EU but at ESP level and couldn't turn their heads. By 0600Z I had worked everybody I could hear so went to bed and slept through sunrise. I may qualify in the short antenna and old guy categories. My xmit antenna is a 44' wire vertical with four 55' top hat wires for loading. Uses four 80" elevated radials from 10 to 12 feet off the ground. It's all homebrew including five wooden poles that hold it all up. My age is 62 but then isn't everybody on 160 at least that old? Don't let the critics get you guys down. As that great philosopher Ross Perot once said, "There are those that get in the ring and those that sit in the stands. Isn't it interesting that those in the stands always seem to know more than those in the ring?" You guys stepped up and did something good. Thanks for a great time. All the best for 2001.

W1TO: Good Contest as usual. Europe was hard to work. Missed VK6HD and KH6.

K4LDR: This is my 2nd Challenge. I love this in-the-trenches low freq Morse stuff. I am age 60Y4M28D. My objective was to double my last year's score. I came real close. 73 til next year.


NT7Y: Fun contest!

WJ9B: My first time in this event; very nice way to bring in the next year!

W9SMC: Thanks to K9QVB for the continued use of his station!

HA5JI: Comments: this was my first on the Stew Perry contest. On contest Saturday I still work on two pennant RX antennas (tnx info from K2RD). The condx was excellent for JAPAN so I have worked 43 JA's many at 599 sigs. This was fantastic! I will remember for a long time. The condx for NA was similar poor as on ARRL-160. First US station I heard NB1B 449 at 00:32 Z. I worked from NA 25 US & 4 VE the signals was 339-559. Thanks for VK6VZ (579) and from VK6HD (589) called me.

IV3PRK: Conditions should have been great with the K-index = 0 and a beatiful weather here around, ...but noise, noise and noise : what a pity ! Best QSO's with VK6HD and VK6VZ, both real 599, and 11 JA's, which contributed to almost half of the contest score. Just a short opening towards NA between 03.30z to 04.30z and wkd only those stations above the high noise level (in ME,NH,IL,FL and ONT. The QRN was even worse on a new 200 m. Beverage, so I could only receive on my usual 4-square mini-array. Thereafter only 18 european contacts until 07.20z (my sunrise was 06.50z)and daily that's the most productive DX time! ... what a strange unpredictable Band: is that the reason why we love it so much ??

K1FK: Fair conditions and low noise here in northern Maine. Fewer Q's this year, but more DX in the log than last year. Best DX was VK6HD worked 45 minutes before my sunrise with an amazing S9+10dB signal!

NB1B: Started the contest earlier than last year, with EA8/OH2BYS first in the log at 2053Z. From 2100 on I could hear a number of Europeans working JAs, but not a peep of a JA from here. The first European QSO was with G0IVZ @ 2145Z, quickly followed by DK2JX. The 2200Z hour brought OM, FM, YV, GM, and 7 other DX; the 2300Z hour brought OE,OZ, GW, SM, S5, HA, ON, and LY for the best DX hour of the test. I felt my precontest goals of 320 QSOs, 175 grids, and 1500 pts was on target. At 0002Z I worked 4X3A; little did I know that would be the best DX of the contest for me. Over the next 2 hours UA2, OK, EI, F, and a handful of other DX stations made the log, and I was at 192 QSOs at 0200Z. At this point, things started to slow down- Herb KV4FZ was the only DX station to be worked during the 0200Z hour, SM4CAN and LA3XI were worked during the 0300Z hour, OH2BO was worked during the 0400Z hour, and PY2FUS was worked during the 0500Z hour- that was the sum total of the DX. As we approached European sunrise, another 7 stations worked worked, with only 9A2AJ and PA3AAV being new countries. At 0700Z, the rate slowed dramatically, so I decided to take the 1:15 of off time needed to stay on the air until 1200Z. I nestled in, slept thru both alarms, and awoke with a start about 1000Z. I tuned back and forth across the band to maybe 20 stations- all of them worked. I called CQ for the next 1.5 hours, interspersed with tuning the band, and worked a grand total of 5 more QSOs. I heard the VK6 on, but he was never copiable here.

Totals for the contest: 50 DX contacts in 28 DXCC countries, 164 grid squares. Notable misses- KH6 and VK6. I slept thru the KH6 opening, and the VK6 wasn't audible. Overall, I felt the opening to Europe was no better than so-so; the Europen sunrise "bump" in signal strength produced few new stations to work. Going the other way, the furthest north station on the Pacific Coast I worked was N6RO (never did hear K7RAT, W7EW, or W7RM). It seems that many stations worldwide turned in early to be ready for holiday festivites later that day.

N6ZZ: Not much of a chance to operate during the evening, altho the few signals I heard from New England were pretty good. DX consisted of KH6 and KL7. Heard a few JAs in the morning, no QSOs.

VE3OSZ: Condx mixed here. Not a lot of DX. Best was UA2FF, but didn't hear any KH6 this year. Good condx to some areas of the West USA. K6NDV had an excellent signal here. My high ambient noise level prevented me from copying some of the weaker signals. (Sorry, VE6WZ that I couldn't copy your grid !).

K6NDV: Worked everything we could hear including KV4FZ, FM5BH, PY2FUS, 3 VKs and 8 JAs. The east coast was coming thru in bright sunshine at 23Z so we were hoping for a great start at 01Z but heard no other DX than that above.

W4EF: Kinda wandered in and out of the shack on this one, so I am not really sure about my total operating time. Only have 2 radials under my dipole (I was feeding it against ground) so system efficiency must have been dismal. Managed to work as far east as K9DX, and as far west as KH7A. Biggest signal heard (aside from N6LL who is line of sight from my QTH) was N7DD in Arizona. Best (and practically only) east coast heard was K8ND in Ohio. Also heard where W8JI, AA4MM, and a whisper from W3GH. Only DX heard were KH7A, KH6ND, and FM5BH all with good Q5 signals here on my 200' x 50' city lot. Cuall next year!

N8PR: Great time, again. Sorry there were not more EU and Pacific stations on which could be heard in South Florida. Never heard a G area station. Saw later on the internet call ins that HA0DU complained that I would not respond while running to his calling me... unfortunately never heard him. Never heard any JA's. Conditions just not good enough (heard them several times int he past 2 weeks) 2 VK6's too weak here to copy well enough to work through the pile up, though I heard them both at times. Well, there's always next year. 73 and HNY to all from N8PR - Pete (AKA Florida Chad)

WO9S: First time in this contest as a single operator. No DX worked from here (heard only KV4FZ and FM5BH) but nice band opening to the West Coast.

VE3QAA: My first SP, but it will not be my last! Poor operating time planning and a non-functional European beverage contributed to disappointing results. I'll be better prepared next year.

K7NV: An enjoyable few hrs of freezing fun. Compliments to everyone for the effort to get the exchange right. Pretty wild qsb swings here, only had to trash a few contacts here, that got made again later.

IK0HBN: Back home from a long trip from the South, after a little nap, I enjoyed the last 2 hours and half before sunrise. A lot of noise: the only station from NA I barely copied (N8PR from FL) did not copy me due to the heavy pile up on his QRG. Hope more time next year. Reception without Beverage's is really tough.

S54A: Half horizontal, half sloped dipole at 10 meters height is not so good for long distance contacts when the QRN is high too. Haven't heard no W/VE,... was quite lucky to contact VK6VZ and JH4UYB,...

HA1AG: Remarks: It was a great fun to operate this contest. Unfortunately the core I found to make up a transformer could not handle more power. The same place will host a 26m tall vertical next year. When I ran out of workable stations around midnight I started to call CQ on 1824 and was stunned to get called immediately... hi

I was amazed by the receiving ability of G3SXW, 8S5X, DK2OY, PA3AAV and PA1AT. I worked them with 1W. The short vertical over a good ground system makes an excellent RX ant. This is what I heard between 2000Z and 01:00Z: JH1GNU, VK6VZ, JA0RUG, JA6BYI (599+), UA9CDV, UA9CDC, EA8/OH2BYS, JH4UYB, JE4VVM, JA3FYC, JA4DND (599), JI4LOR, JA4DEN, HL3IUA (599), JE6IBJ, TA3D, NB1B, K3JJG, UN7EX, RX9AX.

K1TO: When W4SAA posted a note to the FCG about driving down to the Keys and erecting a balloon vertical just to get on for the SP, I had to take the 1/2 hour to solder the "extension" coax to my now direct-fed inv-L and be able to spend some time on the air.

But after that, neither version of NA on the home PC would load completely. I spent nearly 2 hours getting the laptop integrated into the station and once again rearranging the station layout b4 getting on the air. In the meantime, I heard FCGers KN4Y, N4AO, N2NL, K4LDR, N8PR, W4FMS and W4SAA. Managed to catch up with all but Dave (NL), and I even heard K1PT calling guys later after wrestling his station back from Dave, but I did not call CQ successfully often enough for him to find me.

In fact, I worked almost 100 stations before ANYONE answered my low power CQ. This inverted L performed OK at times, such as to Eu and to the Western US, and awful at other times, mainly to W8/9 (a bad area to be awful into!). Most everyone needed at least one repeat of my grid early on and I bet I sent EL87 500 times to make 128 QSOs.

DX worked here, in order of Stew points awarded: 36-OM3TZQ+HA5JI, 34-UA2FF, 32-SM6MCW+KH6ND, 30-G4BWP+KH7A, 28-G0IVZ and 12-FM5BH. Had a bunch of 16-18 pointers on the West Coast, with N6RO the first to hear me. I had been moments away from pulling the plug when I worked UA2FF (see note below, too) and I'm glad I played for 3 more hours after that to get those other Europeans.

Pulled several bonehead moves. Had called KV4FZ for a while with no luck, before he QRTed. Much later, I heard GW3YDX signing his call, so I jumped in with my callsign. Herbie came back to me with a report because it was actually his frequency and YDX was calling him, but I ignored him, thinking we had already worked. He gave me several chances with "?"s, but I was silent!

Another more fundamental boner was not using the MP's built-in tuner. My inverted L tunes differently over a pretty narrow portion of the band and using the tuner made many stations suddenly magically workable. I've been so used to the amp performing that function in the past that it did not occur to me until after several hours!

Also heard, but not worked: EA8/OH2BYS, PY2FUS, DL7ON, DK2OY, G3KMA, LY2TA, KH6AT (those are the ones I have notes on). Went to bed after Europe mostly died at 0815Z or so.

Having 3 terminated Beverages available - 570' to Eu, 330' N and 330' WNW was FB. It was obvious that I could hear almost anything, and that the problem is on xmit. So, I have a project on the list to "de-elevate" the inverted L. Currently, it is elevated about 10' at the base with 4 elevated quarter-wave radials. Only 45' or so is vertical, then the rest (90' or so) is nearly horizontal. I have seen various theories about whether the direction of the horiz. piece matters or not. Based on the relative deafness of the W8/9s, I'm thinking that there is some directivity to this antenna. Another explanation is that the Midwest is more likely to be listening on antennas favoring the populous east and west directions than they are to be listening to the south. Plus, I have a directional Beverage here that peaks them up. Anyway, my theory is that lowering the L to the ground gets 10 more feet vertical and there is then an opportunity to substantially beef up the radial system without the hassle of keeping them elevated.

Excerpts from my .NOT file to gain further insight into my over-documented 6 hours of operation:

11 00:34z this ant SUCKS
34 01:21z N5RZ - GREAT EARS AWARD again this year
84 04:16z n8pr wkd iv3prk - audible - NEVER WORKED PRK
85 04:23z kh7a q5 called na2aa - WORKED EASILY LATER
94 04:51z k7nu = first answer of contest!!
96 05:02z UA2FF all alone - vy loud! - one call - amazing
97 05:08z dk2oy all alone at 32.5 but na
103 05:39z kh6nd got my call but not grid - GOT IT LATER
103 05:44z py2fus q5 calling n7dd (NEVER HEARD HIM AGAIN)
104 05:52z n8pr easily works HA5JI - not a peep when I call (DID MANAGE TO WORK HIM WHEN HE PEAKED LATER)
120 07:15z ea8/oh2bys q5 (QRTed before peaking)
124 07:40z k9mms and k9wju CQ in my face still - amazing
126 07:49z w7qc and w7rm cq in face, but Eu hears me great!
126 07:54z beaten out to n6ll by kl7ra - inaudible here

W9SZ: I spent about 4 hours in the contest from our new club location a mile or so south of Urbana, IL. I used an 80-meter dipole and antenna tuner and barefoot TS-440S. Despite the lack of heat in the building, I had fun. Looking forward to next year with better antennas!

VE7VV: KH6ND was my first QSO, also longest distance, 4376km, and was audible whenever I was tuning. Zero DX stations worked this year. Only very brief peaks, no sustained openings. Fun as always.

N7IR: Good conditions from here to the east coast part of the time. Heard the two Carribean stations but didn't waste any time trying to crack the pileups. Best DX was KH6ND, followed closely by KH7A, with KL7RA third. The receiving loop saved the day again by nulling out my single S9 noise source. Time to go noise tracking again! EQ: Elecraft K2 at 4.5 watts out, Tuned coax loop with W1FB preamp, 88' shunt-fed, top-loaded tower with 6 quarter wave radials.

W7GG: Fun contest but lacks activity. Gess 160 not the place to be this time of the cycle! Very slow in the wee hours...had one 47 minute period of CQing with no respones! This calculates out to 202 CQ's!! U.S. cndx seemed pretty good but DX sucked. NO EU or ZL/VK and only a few JA's. Best distance was FM5BH. Would like to see the Grid Square format used in an all band contest....really give the log checkers something to get their teeth into!!

WA9IRV: The nice condx to the 6 pointers out west made it hard to take the time to try and break the piles of East Coasters working the EU's. Another good time on Topband.

N7UA: Fun contest. Propagation seemed poor here to the NE USA, but was fair to SE USA and Asia. Worked 27 JA's and other asia including 9V1PC, 9M2AX, and UA0FF. Best distance was YC0LOW, just a little further than VK6VZ and VK3IO. Fun contest. An opening to Europe would have helped.

LY1DR: First time this contest. Excellent propagation to JA! Heard them a lot, but tnx god that few heard me :). Equipment here Kenwood TS 850S + 2 x Sloping Dipoles upper point @ 38 mH.

W4WA: I operated up to 3:30 AM and never got back on. Conditions to the west coast were better than in the ARRL 160 test. More activity would make this contest really interesting.

W8CAR: I'm glad 10 is open! Best DX KH6, one carib. no EU, NO JA, NO VK. Got tired at about 1:00 am so choose sleep over a rate that allowed me to use compressed air to clean my key board! Nice to wrk the usual suspects but activity seemed down. Next year !

K3WW: This should about wrap up my Y2K contesting Looks like about the 37th Contest log of the year, of course some weekends there were 2 or 3 logs, so plenty of free weekends. More power, more QSOS, more DX, smaller score than last year when I ran 5 watts. The band was not all that noisy, but plenty of guys I could not pull through.

N1EU: The snow storm in the Northeast sure made things interesting. Had to periodically dash outside to keep the driveway clear (all 1000ft of it) and knock the snow off the inv L feedpoint. Also made for fairly high noise levels, especially to the Northeast/Europe after 0200Z. The weather service reporting unusual thunder and lightning in some areas of snowfall, so this helps explain the QRN to the NE.

A fair number of weaker European stations were being trounced by US hams who were running at 1834-1836. Besides the obvious dx window violations, I witnessed ill-mannered operating on several occasions - the last bastion of gentlemanly operating (i.e., Topband) was surely tested. I guess contests can unfortunately bring out the worse in some.

Apologies to the low power west coasters I couldn't pull out of the QRN, even on the Beverage. And thanks to KL7RA for calling in with the biggest KL7 signal I've heard in this neck of the woods (Albany, NY) in quite a long time.

DX worked: 4X, DL, EA8, F, FM, G, GM, GW, HA, I, KH6, KL7, KP4, KV4, LA, OM, PA, PY, SM, UA

DX heard/not worked: LY, OK, UR5, YV

DX not heard: VK

K8ND: Our goal this year was to maximize QSOs and Grids, and so we operated with High Power. With the current scoring system in place, this once again meant we were *not* maximizing score. Claimed score is 26 more points than last year, with 18 fewer QSOs.

Suggestion: add a "Power" indicator to the exchange, and assign points to each station based on the distance *and* the power of both stations. Digging out a QRP station from the noise should result in *both* stations being rewarded with more points than working a high-power station at the same distance.

For the first half of the operating period, we had problems hearing, with snow static on all antennas. DX conditions seemed terrible throughout; no Europe heard (except a few "bursts" from DF2PY, not good enough for a QSO); no VK/ZL heard, no JA heard. (We *were* listening for Europe while CQing: the NE Beverage was given priority. Not a peep.) I see now from the Cluster that some Europeans were hearing us: sorry we couldn't hear you!

DX worked: YV, PY, P4, KH6, KV4, KL7.

The last half of the contest seemed far slower than last year. Perhaps lousy conditions and plans for the impending New Year's Eve celebrations sent people to bed earlier?

K9IZ: Good run of West coast stations made up for the lack of EU stations. Not a peep from JA or VK. Only 1 SA worked.


AE9B: Just got on to listen on the dipole and couldn't help but make a few contacts. Coast to coast but didn't hear any DX at 6:30- 7:30 AM CST 18:30-19:30 UTC

W5TM: Activity and conditions seemed down. My Beverages haven't recovered from the ice storm. But I consider myself very lucky compared to K5MR.

W2FU: My first 160 meter contest in 40 years of operating....what a blast.

N0AX: Never, never, never go to a holiday party and then come home and try to work a 160-meter contest. ZZZZZZZZZZ... Conditions seemed to be greatly improving around local midnight, but the ol' peepers just couldn't stay open. Next year will find a nap on the agenda, I think.

The local "problem pole" seemed to stay quiet - had a wierd grumbly noise between 1820 and 1830 (of course), but not enough to shut me down. It wasn't until 11PM, though, that the noise level dropped to less than S-7. Going to have to do some Sherlock Holmes-ing on the noise sources around here. Too many PC's and gadgets.

Managed a lone JA Saturday morning - JA2ZJW - and heard none in their old band segement about 1900 kHz. Otherwise, PA and eastern VE3 were the best NA DX worked. KV4FZ (how is he still on the air?) was attracting a crowd, but was clearly talking farther than listening.

I must be getting old, because I can't wait for the next sunspot minimum :-)

KU8E: Just a partime effort after suffering through having the flu all week. Only DX wrked was KV4FZ, Heard 4X3A and FM5BH with good signals but could not break pileups with only 100 watts. Activity seemed lower this year... CU next time and happy New Year to everyone...

N5IA: Greetings from sunny, warm, calm southeastern Arizona. I really feel for you guys farther east. I worked on the Beverage farm Saturday repairing cow damage and said to myself. "I prefer this to reapairing ice damage." Kudos and thanks to all the easterners who made it on the air.

Equipment for this outing: FT-1000MP set at 4.8 Watts thru a Bird 43 to the full sized 1/4 WL elevated Ground Plane. Twelve Beverages, 1.5 to 3 WL long for receiving. 486 DX 66 running NA 10.50 for logging.

5th year in the SPDC. First time to try starting on Saturday morning. The sun is already 35 minutes into the sky at contest starting time. Quite a few west coast stations on including KH6ND. I worked ten, including KH6ND before absorption closed the band.

Started the evening shortly after 0100. Band seemed good. Had hours of 30, 25, 19, 18, 19 & 22 before the bottom dropped out. I think everyone went to bed. Worked only 57 stations after 0700. From 0800 to 1200 the hours were 5, 5, 7, & 5. At times there were only 10 running stations on the whole band.

Thanks to the 2nd receiver in the MP I was able to find some new stations during the last hour. When AA0RS showed up at 1400 with his big station it was like a pirana feeding frenzy. I think he was the only new station on the air that everyone west of the Mississippi could hear and needed to work.

NO DX other than three KH6s. Did not hear EU, Carib (Herb couldn't hear me), SA, CA, JA or the VKs. Still, a few more Qs and a bit higher score than last year when I worked the FO0 and 5 JAs. Thanks east coast guys for the long distance counters.

W4SAA: Operated portable from the KOA camp grounds at Fiesta Key in the FL Keys. EL94 Rig OMNI 6+ Tuner ant 1/4 wave vertical over sea held up by a kite..tnx to N4BP. put 2 radials into the water. Operated in the open. Picnic table on point. Temp in 40's wind 25 mph had to quit for 3 hours.shaking es cud not copy. this was my first time ever on 160m and of course my 1st Stew Perry. Hope the error rate is not to high. Still new at this. This was my first time ever on 160M..and first Stew Perry.. Not my last. Home QTH antennas limited to what I can fit on my apt portable for my xmas present to myself. I had a ball..cold and all. Some qrn but lots of wind noise. Lots of good OPS Thanks for your patience. Best dx KH7A KH6ND UA2FF one wiff of a DL but faded. Looking back I should have ran more early in the evening. Listened in the DX window..but not much DX heard.. but high point ratio from EL94.

VA3RU: My first Stew Perry contest. Started late only at 00:41. It was a good opportunity to test my new wire GP and new RX antenna for the CQ WW. The GP works great, even a few W6 answered my CQ (that never happened before)! My RX ant came down after a few hours in the contest but I have to replace the wire anyway. N6RO was really loud time to time. Only one EU - UA2FF.

VE6WZ: My first formal contest submital since Field day 27 years ago !!! Good fun all night, and LOTS of great operators....thanks to all who worked hard at digging my Grid out of the noise. No real KH6ND, KH7a and W4SAA. Did copi one Ja for about 5 seconds. Good copi on FM5BH and KV4FZ, but no luck with low power....what willpower needed to keep the power-out control backed off and not turn on the heat went the going gets tuff!! Very little W1/2/3....K3ww nice sig but no luck. Loud ones: K9DX, N2WW, K9IZ, K8ND, W8JI, N4AR. Too bad not more was VERY quiet...wish it always was!

N6RO: Good activity in first :30, including 9M2AX, who gave out a grid square that didn't compute (whatsa Tree?). Good prop. to the east coast, for the first time this season, lot's of 8/9 pointers. Was looking for a big JA run, but condx to the Pac/Far East very poor Sunday AM, even with a quiet band.

Those of you over 50, please note your age on your entry, there are awards for top scores over 50, 60 and 70. Looks like we may need one for over 80? CU all in CQWW160.

N7WA: Strange contest... I build new coaxial inverted -L as in CQ magazine. Works great!. I get on after dusk and hear a French station (Can't work 'em but I could hear 'em!). Came back later and actually started contesting. The 2nd person I called told me I was a dupe and wasn't taking NO for an answer. That set the tone for the night - no real dx, no real rate, just a contact here and there. No real spark at all. Went to bed after 11PM local. Did an hour in the morning - still not much on. I guess it was better than last year. This contest needs a sunspot minimum or something. I love the contest - grid squares for points is great. See you next year. Hopefully, I'll have a 160M antenna up before the contest starts next time.

W7ZR: QRP is all I could get into the 40M rotating dipole. Worked most people I heard but there were a few who's hearing was impaired. Maybe next year I will have an antenna.

K4LDR: I love this 160 meter in-the-trenches Morse stuff! Thanks to all that helped me with a contact. Congratulations to all on the gentlemanly patience extended to the topband fellowship. My location is inland from Crystal River, FL on a 135 ft ASL sand dune (that is a mountain by Florida standards). Station is an OMNI VI+ at 100W, and a low inverted "L" with only a 35 ft vertical segment and 10 radials. This is my 2nd SPDXC. In 1999, I did 118Q/750pts. I was shooting to double the 1999 point score and I almost did it. It was bone-cold here in West Central Florida, even inside. Our key lime and orange trees froze and croaked. It was so cold that I didn't bother to drag the 200+ feet of feedline out to the single Beverage towards Europe. Good news though, no snow! The AGC in the OMNI radio broke and that was a troublesome hindrance. My biggest start was hearing UA2FF really strong and then working him on the first call. I saved personal injury when I fell off my chair! That was a 34 pointer! Got a couple of 32 pointers too; SM6MCW and KH6ND. 28/30 pointers were G0IVZ, G4BWP, KH7A. Regards to my PVRC comrades from the 1970s. As I said, I love this 160 meter in-the-trenches Morse stuff.

K0JJ: Some year I need to try a 160 meter antenna. This old antenna tunner can only load up so much of the house. Lots of fun!!!

W3SE: This is my first entry for SP. decided about 0905UTC to check it out, and made my last Q at 1135UTC. My MONSTER Top Band station consits of: TS-940S and Sloper at 30' directed towards South America, (150Deg) this would put me in the "100 watts - Radiator <46 feet high/width/length" Class. For Scoring, I used Grid Bearing and Distance Calculator, BD_2000 Thanks to all that dug my signal out of the noise. Longest Distance, Mike, KH6ND BL11 3957 Km.