Tree’s Bird Page

Rather late in life – I decided to start keeping track of the birds I see during my normal day.  Since I live in the country with acres of forest – many of these were seen around my home. 

1.      Great Blue Heron – This was taken by my phone camera.  I looked out the window one morning and could not believe what I saw (5-Jan-2014).

2.      American Robin – This guy was my first photographed bird with my new camera (Canon SX170 IS).  He was out in the horse pasture (13-Apr-2014).

3.      European Starling – This guy is a regular on the apple tree just next to the barn.  He has very pretty songs. (14-Apr-2014)

4.      Canada Goose – At my office I heard lots of honking as I got to work – grabbed my camera – but they took to flight.  I just pointed and clicked and got very lucky!! (14-Apr-2014)

5.      Mallard – This guy was taking a nap behind my office building (where there was a pond) (14-Apr-2014).

6.      Red-breasted Sapsucker – Normally I see them on my antennas – but this one was making a lot of racquet in a tree. (15-Apr-2014).

7.      Mourning Dove – Found two of them one morning – one on my antennas and the other closer to the nest on a wire (21-Apr-2014).

8.      Steller’s Jay – Very common but camera shy sometimes.  (24-Apr-2014).

9.      Mystery White Bird – Saw this guy on two different days.  Snow Bunting?  Maybe leucistic?  See all my shots. (25-Apr-2014)

10.   Barn Swallow – These guys are nesting in the neighbor’s barn.  They also enjoy flying around me when I mow the field.  (25-Apr-2014).

11.   Dark Eyed Junco – Long distinctive call – oscillating between two frequencies.  Easy to pick out even 500 feet away. On the ground. (25-Apr-2014)

12.   Audubon's Warbler (sub species of Yellow-rumped Warbler) – Accidently got in the shot when trying to get the Brown Creeper. Another shot of the same bird.  (26-Apr-2014).

13.   Brown Creeper – There were several of these guys flying around and going up various tree trunks.  (26-Apr-2014).

14.   Rufous Hummingbird – These look pretty different than the other hummingbirds we have year round.  Here is the same bird’s back. (3-May-2014).

15.   Scrub Jay – The other blue jay that we see here.  (4-May-2014).

16.   Black Capped Chickadee – Found two of them hanging from small limbs on our cherry tree.  (5-June-2014)  Picture of both of them.  

17.   Spotted Towhee – Taken from inside the house!!  (6-June-2014)

18.   KillDeer – Heard the distinctive sound coming from the horse pasture.  I had never seen one around here before.  Used to see them at Intel all the time.



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