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Last update on 15-March-2014

Welcome to the Boring Amateur Radio Club’s Six Meter EME page.  This page was lost for awhile – but is back now. 

This page was originally created back when EME QSOs on six meters were made using CW – not some fancy digital type of communications.  Real men use their ears to make EME QSOs – not their sound cards.  If you are interested in hearing what actual signals sound like on six meters – which have bounced off the moon – then read on.  If you would rather have your computer have all the fun – then you should probably go here.  

·        The 30th anniversary of the first six meter Moon bounce contact.

·        W7GJ Six Meter EME page

·        Description of my first E.M.E. QSO - July 1998 (first six meter EME QSO from Oregon?). Includes some sound files.

·        Six meter EME sounds - Here are some audio samples of six meter E.M.E. signals from around the world.

·        What does it take? - This page explains the minimum station requirements for six meter E.M.E (using CW).

·        Moon position table generator - This is what I use to tell where the moon will be. Gives a nice table to refer do with elevation angles.

·        First E.M.E. tests - Very neat article documenting the first US moon echoes which were heard on January 10, 1946. Includes many photos. (trying to find it again)

·        BARC Homepage - Find out more about the Boring Amateur Radio Club.

73 Tree N6TR

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