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Division Appointments

Assistant Directors (AD)

Appointed by the Division Director. In the Southwestern Division Assistant Directors are ARRL liaisons with local organizations and their appointment is mainly based on the request and recommendation of the groups they represent.
The current SW ADs are:

  • Dick Barch, W1MII, South Bay ARC, CA
  • Pat Bunsold, WA6MHZ, ARC El Cajon, CA
  • Alan Corlin, AA6DW, Culver City ARES and Westside ARC, CA
  • Craig Dible, KB6LAK, Verde Valley ARA, AZ
  • Thomas Fagan, K7DF, Raytheon Catalina RC, AZ
  • Jim Fortney, K6IYK, WebMaster, Prescott, AZ
  • Mike Fulcher, KC7V, Central Arizona DX Assn, AZ
  • Paul Gordon, N6LL, Caltech ARC, CA
  • Gary Hamman, K7GH, Arizona Amateur Radio Club, AZ
  • Bill Heather, KB6WKT, Downey ARC
  • Ken Konechy, W6HHC, Orange County ARC, CA
  • Joe Locascio, K5KT, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
  • Jeffrey Lloyd, N6FRW, Riverside County ARA, CA
  • Joe Madas, AE6JM, Emergency Communications
  • Steve McCubbin, K6AOR, San Gorgonio Pass ARC, Coachella Valley ARC, Desert RATS, CA
  • Rick Norwood, KD6KHJ, Big Bear ARC, CA
  • Bob Overholser, K6HA , Inland Empire ARC, CA 
  • Brad Rachielles, KC6NNV, Tri County ARA, CA
  • Glenn Rattmann, K6NA, DX and Contests
  • Fred Roberts, W6TKV, Corona Norco ARC, CA
  • Charley Speelman, WA6RUZ, South Orange ARA, CA
  • Robert Spencer, KE8DM, Yuma, AZ
  • Richard Thompson, W6IW, Super System, CA
  • Gene Thorpe, KB6CMO, Western ARA and Fullerton RC, CA
  • Vicki Zumwalt, N6KLS, Kingman, AZ

Advisory Committees

There are three national ARRL Advisory Committees where representatives are appointed by the Division Director. SW Division committee members:

  • Contest Advisory Committee (CAC): Glenn Rattmann, K6NA
  • DX Advisory Committee (DXAC): Mark Weiss, K6FG.
  • Emergency Communications Advisory Committee (ECAC): Grant Hays, WB6OTS.

ARDF Coordinator

Appointed to the position of the first Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) Coordinator is SW Division member:

  • Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF) Coordinator: Joe Moell KØOV


Technical and Educational Advisors

TAs and EAs are ARRL national-level appointees who provide HQ with a volunteer resource. The current Southwestern Division TAs are:

The EA in our division is Allan Cameron N7UJJ

Volunteer Counsel Program

Under this program, lawyers who are also licensed amateurs have agreed to assist other amateurs with ham radio-related legal problems,such as RFI and antenna restrictions. These lawyers will provide a free initial consultation to amateurs regarding ham radio legal problems. To date, the Southwestern Division attorneys that have agreed to serve are:

Volunteer Consulting Engineers

VCEs are registered Engineers. Like the ARRL Volunteer Counsels they will provide a free initial consultation. However, they have special technical expertise in critical areas. For example, a VCE might act as an expert witness by providing technical data to municipal government representatives in support of a proposed Amateur Radio antenna and support structure. The VCEs in our division are

Other Volunteers

There are many of you who give in other ways toward the betterment of the Amateur Radio with or without an official ARRL title. There are a number of position-holders whose names are kept confidential such as members of an official FCC Amateur Auxiliary Local Interference Committee (LIC). Included are the QSL sorters who normally want to stay anonymous despite donating many unselfish hours.

We would also like to give thanks to those members that give talks, write articles and books, and help make video tapes and CD-ROMs.

We must not forget Volunteer Examiners (VE) and ham instructors, both professional and volunteer, who not only help increase our ranks but also promote improved ham operators.

In addition to the local message traffic handling networks supported by the Section Traffic Managers (STM), wide-area and national message traffic handling activities are supported by Radio Relay International (RRI). Southwestern Division Amateurs active with RRI include:

  • Rob Griffin, K6YR, RRI Western Area Staff (WAS) Coordinator
  • Grant Hays, WB6OTS, RRI WAS Member-at-Large
  • Ken Miller, K6CTW, RRI WAS Associate Member
  • Kate Hutton, K6HTN, RRI WAS Associate Member
  • Dan Farrell, W6QZ, WAS Associate Member

Field Organization

Section Level Appointments

Section-level appointments are made by the Section Manager (SM):

Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC)

The SEC recommends appointments for District Emergency Coordinators (DEC), Emergency Coordinators (EC), and Official Emergency Stations (OES), to administer Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES).

Section Traffic Manager (STM)

The STM recommends appointments for Net Managers (NM) and Official Relay Stations (ORS) in order to maintain the National Traffic System (NTS) at the local level.

Affiliated Club Coordinator (ACC)

Public Information Coordinator (PIC)

The PIC recommends appointments for Public Information Officers (PIO). often attached to a local club for generating local PR.

Technical Coordinator (TC)

The TC recommends appointments for Technical Specialists (TS) who may assist with local RFI problems and give general technical assistance (supporting the ARRL Technical Information Service), and be part of the "Elmer" effort to help new hams.

Official Observer Coordinator (OOC)

The OOC recommends appointments for Official Observers (OO). Some OOs are full-fledged members of the Amateur Auxiliary to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

State Government Liaison (SGL)

The State Government Liaison (SGL) and Local Government Liaisons (LGL) support the SM in tracking and addressing government legislation.

Also, Assistant Section Managers (ASM) can be appointed by the SM for special assignments.

There are many opportunities for you to serve. Contact your SM.