2005 Dayton Hamvention Antenna Forum

A New Feed System for Arrays
- John Devoldere, ON4UN / Robye Lahlum, W1MK / Roger Vermet, ON6WU
Download a PDF of this presintation.

Strategies Using Propagation Predictions for DXing and Contesting
- Dean Straw, N6BV
Download a PDF of this presintation.

Key To Successful Tower Installations: Under Stack And Over Guy
- John Corini, KE1IH
Download/view a PDF of Key To Successful Tower Installations.

Ground Parameters For Hams: Do we have a problem and can we do something about it?
- Rudy Severns, N6LF
Download/view a PDF of N6LF's Dayton 2005 talk on Ground Parameters for Hams.