[Track-mvc] Rain-out

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Thanks for heading this up.


From: Rhyne Rundell 
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Looks like today isn't going to be our day to kick off the MVC offseason track workouts.  We'll try again next week.  In the meantime, if there is anyone that has been going to track workouts already (Walt? Ken?) and has a good idea for a structure that we can use for our time on the track, please share with the group so we can nail down the details and be ready to roll when we arrive at the track.
On the subject of making sure there is a set of keys available for the track to be opened if I'm not available, is there anyone else in the group with a set of keys?  If not, Lura said she wouldn't have any problem giving Jamey and Walt extra sets of keys.  Walt/Jamey - if you want to send an email to Lura to request extra set of keys, please copy me so I won't double-email her.
I've also asked Lura if we can get an extra day in February for the rain-out today so hopefully that will work out.



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