[FQP] Some questions regarding rover county line operations

Christopher Blake cqdenx4n at gmail.com
Mon Apr 18 17:35:49 PDT 2011

Hello FQP/FCGer's,
I have some questions regarding FQP rover operation on county lines- Ron
'AHZ thought it would be good for me to ask the more experienced rover ops
out there...

If I am a mobile rover sitting on 2, 3 or 4 county lines then the rules
state that I can give out all of the multipliers with just one qso per
station worked.
However, how should I sign my call?  Especially on CW?What about logging?

For example, if I were on the 4-county line point for Polk, Hardee, Manatee
and Hillsborough:
a) Would I cq this way?

b) What would my exchange be?

c) Do I have to make separate QSO entries in N1MM for each county given out
even though it was one qso per station???  Does N1MM even handle multiple
counties in a single QSO entry during logging?

Thanks in advance for the advice; hopefully it will help other rovers as

Chris, NX4N

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