[FQP] half time...NF4A

Gediminas Lucinskas LY3BA at takas.lt
Sun Apr 25 01:23:46 PDT 2010


I would say oposit to Charles statement.
Conditions were exeptionally bad in this part of the world.
All mobiles were barelly readable. Only few of them were able to hear my 
signal generated by 100 W and 5 el Yagi antenna. Even missed number of fixed 
Florida stations inspite of multiple calls. Althouhg activity from Florida 
is very high. Sure, if all my attempts to make QSO were succeeded, my QSO 
totals were well above 200.
Looks like We have to wait another year for the real Fun.
Anyway, enjoyed working old friends after my 3 years absence in FQP.
Will try to make my best today.

73! Gedas, LY9A / LY3BA

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Subject: [FQP] half time...NF4A

> Great conditions today! Had over 100 Q's in several counties....didn't 
> make
> it to LAF....final run was in TAY....they were still calling at 
> 0159...will
> start in CAH in the morning then work west ending up in ESC
> NF4A back at the house at 0415Z
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