[FQP] R: FQP Excitement Building

Claudio Veroli claudio.veroli at tin.it
Sun Apr 18 11:38:42 PDT 2010

Hi all,
Thanks for the results of FQP 2009. I 'll try to be active more time this
Look for DX stations also on 40 and I hope to give you a MULT.
Will try also 15 meters this year.
See you in the FQP 2010.
73 de Claudio I4VEQ (IR4X, KB1FTG)


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Starting to get excited up here in the hills about the approach of the FQP.
The wires are broadside to the South (I use a 75 meter loop and an EDZ--both
fed with ladder line) and little 2L Superantennas yagi for 20 meters.

I'm hoping for a bit more SSB activity this year--it would be great to have
a chance at a sweep, though 40 meters is the band of choice here in TN, and
it is naturally slim pickin' during most of the day. At least our 40 meter
frequencies are clearer at night. 20 meters opened up some last year for
some short skip so I hope it does the same this year. Though it would give
me some more chances for contacts for this close location, I'm kind of glad
that we don't have 75 meters in this contest. At least I don't have to deal
with the pig farmers.

I wish I could be down there running the roads, but I'll just have to be
satisfied with the TQP for that bit of fun.

I would like to know if any of the mixed mode mobiles will have any kind of
schedule for SSB.  I'll probably be camped out at the edge of the designated
mobile frequencies.

Y'all have fun now, and mobiles, be safe.

Oak Ridge on the ridge

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