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Fri Apr 2 10:35:12 PDT 2010

Great news, Jeff.  Tnx for all the effort.
73, George
George  Wagner, K5KG
Sarasota, FL 
941-400-1960 cell  

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*  *  *    FQP News!   *  *  *
After months of data entry,  printing and envelope stuffing, the 2009 FQP
Certificates are in the mail.  Over 400 Envelopes are out!
If there is a mistake or typo let me know (be  nice) at jeff at wc4e.com

Now  time to get ready for the 2010 FQP!!
Here are the basic rules for this  years' FQP! Keep watching
http://www.floridaqsoparty.org/ for the full  results.

The Florida  QSO Party
April 24th and 25th,  2010

Object: Everyone works Florida, Florida works Everyone
Activate and/or work ALL Florida counties
Have as much  FUN as possible!

When:  April 24th and  April 25th,  2010
Two ten hour operating periods:
Saturday April 24th 16:00z (Noon EDT ) -  01:59 (9:59pm EDT)
Sunday April 25th  12:00z (8am EDT) - 21:59z (5:59pm  EDT)
20 Hours total

Exchange: RST and County (Florida  stations)
RST and QTH (ST,  Prov. or Country for Outside  FL)

Where: 10, 15, 20, and 40 Meter bands (Approximate  frequencies)
CW :  28.035, 21.035, 14.035, 7.035  
SSB:  28.485, 21.335, 14.260, 7.260  
(Approximate center frequencies, There is lots of activity!)
Mobile  stations can be found listed below. Fix Stations may be found above
and  below:
(1) CW:  7.025-7.035,  14.040-14.050,   21.040-21.050,  28.040-28.050 Mhz
(2) SSB:  7.180-7.190,   14.265-14.275,  21.340-21.350,  28.480-28.490 Mhz

Categories:  (Many!)
Single Op, Multi Op, Multi-Multi, Mobile, Novice/Tech, and  School.
Three power categories: QRP, Low Power, and High Power.
Use CW,  SSB or a mix of the two.

Prizes: Beautiful color certificates for top  participants
Plaques for top Winning  entrants.

Web Site: http://www.floridaqsoparty.org/ 
Detailed rules, mobile routes, past results, and county  maps.

Jeff WC4E /  N4AO/m

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