[FQP] FQP Log Submissions

Ron Wetjen wd4ahz at gte.net
Wed Apr 29 11:53:23 PDT 2009

Still answering robot questions!!!

Details have been posted on the FCG, FQP, and CQ-Contest reflectors, as 
well as the FQP web site.

In short, the logging software creates Cabrillo headers which don't 
conform to the Cabrillo standard.  That's when the robot complains and 
attempts it's best effort to fix it or tells folks what's wrong so they 
can make corrections and resubmit the log (which many are doing).

N3FJP has issued version 2.0 to fix the Cabrillo problem.
The WA7BNM web form has been updated to fix the Cabrillo problem.
The N1MM team is working on the fix.
CU2JT has asked and been given the details.
N6TR knows of the problem (it has other issues as well).

WriteLog and CT (other issues as well) are two others that aren't 
correct.  We're looking through the logs to find what other software is 
being used that's not correct, and we'll be contacting those authors 
about making fixes.

Again, if you submit a log and get a warning message ... ignore it! 
Unless folks are using one of the updated methods, every submission will 
get an error message.

We have your log.  If there's a serious problem with it, we'll be in 
touch ... as always.


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