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Tue Apr 28 12:00:22 PDT 2009

Hi Ed,
Guess what we have is a difference of perspective. My installation is the  
simplest possible for the FQP (two mag mounted hamstics on a minivan) and is 
 only setup for use during that weekend. Otherwise all gear stays in the 
house or  garage. It is the only time each year that I operate from a mobile.
Before moving to FL, I operated several times in the OhQP as a  mobile and 
was forced by the rules, and my very competitive nature, to  incorporate 80m 
into my operating strategy. I did not like the idea  of taking the time to 
stop, switch antennas and continue..this interruption  always seemed to 
detract from what was otherwise an enjoyable operating  event.
Making 80m "optional" is not really "optional" for those people who  are 
hard core (I include myself in that category). Once 80/75 becomes  part of the 
rules and has an effect on scoring, mobile teams will have to add  that to 
their arsenal. I for one will not welcome the additional time and  expense 
to add another band to my totally temporary setup. 
Perhaps I've been spoiled by the 40/20 activity of the FQP in recent years. 
 Things will get really complicated when (or perhaps I should say IF), the  
sunspots ever return and we have to start making choices between 10, 15, 20 
and  40.  When that day returns, I don't think we'll be talking about  
adding 80m to the FQP.
Ron, K8NZ
In a message dated 4/28/2009 1:51:21 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
edkn4y at embarqmail.com writes:

However, I couldn't disagree with you more about the addition  of 80m to
the FQP. Activity in the FQP is literally driven by mobile  stations.

I work all the State QSP parties I can and I agree 100  percent on mobiles.

Antennas for 80m cw, for example will be a  significant challenge to

This not true, I have a  80-meter/ 40-meter resonator on one mast.When  
20-meters goes I stop  and change antennas. takes about 10 minutes. I then  
work 40- and  80-meters.

In addition, 80m is a band that can be unusable here in FL  during a

This is not true, when I bowl in Pasco county, and  as a county  hunter I  
run 80-meters in Pinellas, Pasaco and  Hernando. The response is great.  
Check the WPX contest, Florida  lists many contacts on 80-meters.

> In other state QSO parties  where 80m is encouraged, their rules allow  
> for counting in  state counties as multipliers.

We can use 80M and still not allow  county multipliers, I run mobile in the 
Alabama QSO party and after  dark the 80M is booming, they do not use  
county  multipliers.

Typically the last two hours of Saturday is in darkness in  most  of FL. At 
best that would make 80 usable during that time  if it is  quiet enough  to 
be productive.

When  operating 80m mobile I have never had a noise problem.

By pushing 80m  during those last few hours that  would detract from 40m   
activity which has become very significant.

Using 80m would be  optional and not required. It would also allow use of  
another band  when RTTY starts 0n 40M at 8:00pm.

Adding 80m to the mix does  not,  in my view, add any further enjoyment to  
an already very  enjoyable contest.

It is just another band, I do not see your concerns.  As I said it can be  
optional. The stations out side of Florida would  love to work Florida  
counties on 80M even if just for few hours. I  work the Georgia QSO party  
as Rover and have made a contact on 160  meters, that is really is fun, but 
the antenna hits all the  trees.

Thanks for your response.
Ed  KN4Y

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