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Nzharps at aol.com Nzharps at aol.com
Tue Apr 28 10:41:28 PDT 2009

Hi Sjaak,
We did indeed work Gert several times.
No JA for us.
Ron, K8NZ
Half of Team NN4TO
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pa3gvr at amsat.org writes:

Hi  All,

I just received an email from PA3AAV (in Dutch) about  FQP.

It was his first time in FQP and he liked it! Especially because  of
all the stations that were on. He has about 95 Qs in the log and  he
snagged 47 counties. He only operated on Sunday afternoon  (local).

He recalls working NN4TO, W4AN, K4OJ, NO5W,N4EEB and some  others
several times. From Holland all mobiles were about the same  signal
strength. The truly loud stations were the fixed  stations.

According to Gert condx were average but with his 3el Steppir  pointed
to FL he could still hear JA's and Ds stations calling  FQP
participants. (who worked a JA?)

He will try to be on longer  next  FQP.

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