[FQP] FQP Mobile Category Rules

Kevin Milhorn n4km at embarqmail.com
Tue May 1 12:40:55 PDT 2007

Hey Everyone,
Here are my comments on the changing of the mobile categories. I think we
need to be careful and not add too many different cats. If we make too many,
every mobile than enters will get a plaque, thus taking away their value. I
am sure we could do some more clarification of some of the rules, but I am
really not in favor of to many categories. 
My 2 cents.
Kevin N4KM 1/2 of team OJ in FQP.

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Jeff - 

Thanks for your input.  Congrats on a very solid effort and thanks for
down to participate again! 

Several thoughts:

1)  N4PN's amp puts him into a different power category where he does not
the 2x power multiplier, so I think that example is amply covered now, so to


2)  Hauling an antenna on a trailer is nothing new.  W5WMU did this years 
ago.  How on earth can we subdivide mobiles based on antenna size?  Is a 
trailer-based vertical that significantly better than one mounted on a low

3)  The current rules do specify that mobiles should have antennas that are 
capable of motion.  So the concept of throwing up a dipole or big vertical
some  counties is not really consistent with the concept of a mobile.  This
where we have a hole in the rules and need further discussion to establish 
appropriate rules.  I asked this group before to point us to a set of rules
does address this and got zero response.  

73, Dan, K1TO

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