[FQP] FQP Mobile Sightings

ku8e at bellsouth.net ku8e at bellsouth.net
Tue Apr 24 10:31:37 PDT 2007

 I was looking at the FQP "counties on the air"  section of the FQP website to see if we might have
 some FQP mobile sightings from W4AN/m

  Here are some possiblilties :

  K4KG/m heading north on I-75 ? and W4AN/m south on I-75 - maybe around Marion or Alachua
  counties Saturday afternoon 

  NO5W/m  - heading north on I-75 ? and W4AN/m south on I-75 - around Hernando or Sumter county 
  on Saturday

  W4MY /m - heading west on I-10 and W4AN east on I-10 - Jefferson or Suwannee county 

  NF4A/m - near end on Sunday near Suwannee or Hamilton county.

   The W4AN/m mobile machine is a white Toyota Avalon with a Hustler mobile whip with a DX 
   Engineering Hot-Rodz capacitance hat on it. Mounted on the trunk. Anyone who passes close by 
   maybe we can make quick QSO's on all the bands 40-10 meters.

  I can't tell from the mobile list any other of the mobiles who might pass by us since their counties seem to be in alphabetical order.

Here are some estimates on the W4AN route : 

 1700Z  - East on I-10 near Marianna , FL
 1900Z  - I-10 and I-75 intersection
 2200Z -  I-75 south near Tampa  I 275/I75 intersection
 0100Z - I-75 near Naples, FL
 0300z - I-95 Plantation, FL

1200Z  - I-95 North near Ft Lauderdale
1400Z  - I-95 North near Ft Pierce, FL
1800Z  - I-95 North near Daytona Beach, Fl
2000Z  - I-95 / I-10 Jacksonville
2200Z - Near Lake City - I-10/I-75 intersection

73, Jeff  KU8E

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