[FQP] More FQP History

Bob Patten n4bp at bellsouth.net
Sat Apr 21 07:31:59 PDT 2007

Art Burke wrote:
> I still have my old paper logs from the 1980 and 1981 contest. I've never 
> been all that much of a super-serious contester. I entered the 1980 contest 
> as KB4ZO and the 1981 contest as NE4F. For both of those years it seemed 
> like N4BP and I were the only ones in Florida in the contest.
A little research discovered that Andy Clark started Florida Skip in 
1957 and
sold the magazine in 1992 following a stroke.  Andy passed away in 1999. 
   I couldn't find when the FQP was started, but suspect from the 
numbers that maybe the Palm Beach club took it over in 1992 when FL Skip 
was sold.  I was reminded that I was contest chairman for the FQP for a 
couple of years when K1TO showed me a certificate that I had issued him 
years earlier.  Dan would know the exact year, but I think it was in the 
80's when FL Skip was administering the contest.  I still have a trophy 
on the shelf from 1970.  There were others that were lost probably 
during a move...

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