[FQP] Fwd: ARRL Contest Rate Sheet for April 18, 2007

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Thu Apr 19 22:31:05 PDT 2007

Fwded from the Contest Rate Sheet.  Folks, there is a LOT of activity from MI 
and ON in our FQP.  Both of these contests do have county multipliers for 
in-state and in-province stations like the PA QP, so a lot of these stations will 
have to operate 40&80M during the day, making them more of a regional QSO 
party.   Regardless, if you have the time this weekend, please find a way to get 
on and help their contests be successful, too.  We're in the right skip zone 
on 20 for sure!  Less than 8.5 days until the 2007 FQP!!

73, Dan

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memberlist at www.arrl.org writes:

> Michigan QSO Party--CW/SSB, sponsored by the Mad River Radio Club,
> from 
> 1600Z Apr 21 - 0400Z Apr 22. Bands: 80-10 meters. Frequencies: CW--45
> kHz from band edge, Phone (MHz)--3.825, 7.200, 14.250, 21.300,
> 28.450. Work stations once per band and mode, MI-to-MI QSOs allowed,
> mobiles and portables can be worked from each county. Categories: SO,
> MS, MM, Mobile SO, Mobile MO. Exchange: serial number and MI county
> or S/P/C. QSO Points: CW--2 pts, Phone--1 pt. Multipliers for MI
> stations are states, provinces and MI counties; multipliers for
> non-MI stations are MI counties. Multipliers count once per mode.
> Score: QSO points x multipliers. For more information:
> http://www.miqp.org. Logs due 30 days after the contest to
> logs at miqp.org or Mad River Radio Club, c/o Dave Pruett, 2727 Harris
> Rd Ypsilanti, MI 48198.
> Ontario QSO Party--CW/Phone, sponsored by Contest Club Ontario and
> the Ontario DX Association from 1800Z Apr 21 - 1800Z Apr 22.
> Frequencies (MHz): SSB--1.870, 3.735, 3.860, 7.070, 7.260, 14.130,
> 14.265, 21.260, 28.360; CW--30 kHz above band edges; VHF-SSB: 50.130,
> 144.205, 432.105; VHF-FM 52.540, 146.550, 446.1, no repeater QSOs.
> Categories: SOAB and SOSB (HP, LP <150W HF & 50W VHF, QRP) in CW,
> Phone, and Mixed Modes, SO VHF FM QRP, MS, SWL, Mobile, Rover.
> Exchange: RS(T) and S/P/C or Ontario QTH. QSO Points: HF SSB--1 pt,
> HF CW--2 pts, VHF--5 pts (work stations once per VHF band), 10 pts
> for each QSO with VA3CCO, VE3ODX and VA3RAC. No county line QSOs.
> Score is QSO Points x Ontario QTHs (non-VE3 stations) or S/P/C +
> Ontario QTHs (mults count once per band). For more information:
> http://cco.ve3xd.com/oqp. Logs due May 31 to ve3agc at rac.ca or Ontario
> QSO Party, Ontario DX Association, PO Box 161, Station "A",
> Willowdale, Ontario, M2N 5S8 Canada.

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