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While mobiling in the Michigan and Ohio QSO parties, I have experienced
excellent results using a laptops that run directly from 12v, without the
need for voltage converters.

My standard QP logging computer is a Compaq (LTE Elite 486/40) that has a
direct 12v jack right on the back. For GPS navigation, I use an IBM ThinkPad
(Pentium something) that runs from 15VDC. With the engine running, the Jeep
puts out 13.8-14.1VDC and the computer has always been happy running
directly from the lighter, with no converters at all.

Very quiet ...

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> Had big  noise from the DC/AC converter for the laptop.  The noise
> was  sometimes 20db over S9, pretty bad.
> We stopped at Best Buy just before the FQP started and bought a Targus 12v
> laptop power supply.  In past years, we had used a small 12v - 19v
> that worked ok, but was noisy.  The Targus seemed to be totally  quiet.
> $127...ouch but worth it.
> 73, Geo...K4KG
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