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Thu Apr 20 15:30:23 PDT 2006

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Therefore we have alerted the FHP to be on the lookout for  George,  pull him 
over if they see him and test him  repeatedly as a potential DUI candidate.  
If the FHP pulls him over  at least 6 times during the two days,  that ought 
to be enough harassment  to interupt his runs to make him an also also also ran 
in the  competition.  And if we are lucky,  he'll be in jail for most of the  
competition!  Thus, somewhat making up for his 2004 box shearing  scheme.
The war has begun!!
Red K0LUZ and I'm sure Kevin N4KM  agrees)
(be sure to  read the additional messages for background  info)

Note to all FQP Participants,
Since this situation is obviously becoming sinister, and in order to  protect 
Amateur Radio Contest Assets, the K4KG/m team has commissioned a  certain 
amateur radio operator who is also a Florida County Sheriff to run lead  for the 
K4KG/m team throughout their entire 20 hour run on Saturday and  Sunday.  In 
order to do this, Florida Governor, Jeb Bush issued a special  FQP Amateur 
Radio Proclimation giving this Florida County Sheriff the authority,  over and 
above other FHP Officers, to provide a State Police Escort in  all Florida 
counties to this Most Important FQP Team.  Under no  circumstances, will an FHP 
Officer be able to intervene on this  escort.  
A press release will be forthcoming from the Governor's office advising all  
Citizens of the Good State of Florida to observe a moment of silence and  
waive something bright orange in color when they observe the Florida County  
Sheriff and the K4KG/m team transiting their county.  It is  expected that Citizens 
in at least 45 counties of the Good State of Florida will  be witness to this 
The K4KG/m Team

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