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While the map may not be colored in, I do know that W5WMU is committed to return this year and will likely start there in ESC.  
In fact, here's my list of expected mobiles - pretty impressive list!
K4KG (K5KG, VE7ZO) - skipped last year
N4KM (+K0LUZ) - skipped last year
N4BP (+K4PG)
W4OV (+K4LQ) - BP & OV were a single team last year, so another new one emerges here
N4M (K8NZ, K1TO)
N4TO (+G4BUE) part-time, sticking close to HIG
AD8J - new this year - any chance of covering the Panhandle??
W5WMU - skipped last year
KU8E - skipped last year
N9KS - Ken stated in last year's soapbox that he'll expand his coverage in '06
KK4TA - SSB - expect excellent coverage of the mid-state from Tom - new in '06
KC4HW - SSB and some CW - Jim will likely cover those NW counties
Other mobiles who might get on include N1XC - SSB, K4BV - mixed, etc.
This will be a phenomenal year if everyone sticks to their plans!!  
vy 73, Dan, K1TO /1 at the moment
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I plan to put a few hours in from Pinellas (mobile CW), and tried to register, but for some reason, the list never updated my call in that county. 
Also, if we leave Pinellas before 6 PM, I will also make Hillsboro, Lake, Polk, Oscella, Orange, and possibly even Brevard, on the trip home. 
73's and OJ! 
Eric K9ES 
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> Hello FQP'ers, 
> In looking over the county coverage on 
> _http://www.floridaqsoparty.org/cota.php_ > (http://www.floridaqsoparty.org/cota.php) I see that there are three 
> counties in which no stns have registered - ESCAMBIA, OKALOOSA and SANTA > ROSA. 
> Also, few fixed stations have registered their county operations. 
> Please get on the site and record your intended operation, whether you are 
> going to be fixed or mobile. If you are planning to be mobile, see if > there 
> is any way you can get to ESCAMBIA, OKALOOSA and SANTA ROSA. (Jay, can > you 
> activate Escambia?) 
> There are also ten counties in which only a single mobile has registered. 
> WALTON and WASHINGTON. We need more mobile and fixed coverage in these > counties. 
> We all remember last year's Sunday afternoon scramble to work Miami-Dade. 
> (Imagine trying to break that pile up from Utah with 100 watts!) Please, > lets 
> try to avoid that situation this year by having multiple fixed and mobile 
> stations covering each county on both SSB and CW. 
> Pse pse pse, record your operations. Es good luck to all. 
> 73, George, K5KG - K4KG/M 
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