[FQP]Mobile Station Signals

Jim White, K4OJ k4oj at tampabay.rr.com
Fri May 2 15:49:53 CDT 2003

Bad news, Jeff... while I keep getting e-mails regarding signal reports 
of the mobiles I am afraid you have never been at the top of the heap - 
obviously you got out ok with so many QSOs but the relative reports have 
both you and Charlie down at the bottom....

WHAT IS MOST FASCINATING is that to a large degree I think we are 
looking at of all things propagation and skip zones!  The same mobile 
can have luminating reports or pw reports... I never would have thought 
that starting with a compromised signal that would matter but I gues my 
logic is just backwards... if anything having all the factors in your 
favor possible, including being the right distance away, is even MORE 
important when you start with a compromised signal....

I will summarize the reports when they stop coming in...


ku8e at bellsouth.net wrote:
> Charlie,
>  I used the Hustler tri-mount with the 20/15/10 meter resonators on it and we seemed to get out pretty good. I was using the short mast - the 3 ft - not the 6 ft.  The GQP was the first time I used it this way. In the past I used the Hustler resonators seperately. The 2nd antenna on the car was a Hamstick for 40.
> Also, I am also a firm believer if you take the time to tune your antennas and not rely on an antenna tuner your signal is going to be better too...
> This combination seeemed to work well for us and I never felt like our signal was "weak". I did notice the rate picked up the further south we got so I'm sure propagation and skip zones played a big role on who was strong/weak....
>                     Jeff KU8E
>>From: "nf4a" <nf4a at knology.net>
>>Date: 2003/05/01 Thu PM 05:33:24 EDT
>>To: w3dya at juno.com,  fqp at kkn.net
>>Subject: Re: [FQP]Mobile Station Signals
>>The first day of the contest, I "felt" weak....I assumed it was conditions 
>>because on Sunday, I didn't have any problems with stations hearing me or 
>>working me if I called them....I can now say that after reading some of the 
>>comments, I wasn't that loud on Sunday either....
>>I will have a different antenna system for the next FQP....
>>I really think that if you mount more than 2 resonators on a mast, you 
>>begin to have reduced radiation...I was running 4 (40-10) on the same 
>>mast....I think I will have one mast for 40 and 20 CW and then a second 
>>mast with 40 SSB and 15 and 10 (next year, I doubt 10 will be a 
>>factor)....This time last week, I had a 12 foot mast with 40 and 20 on it 
>>and it was working great, but when I added 15 and 10, I had to take the 
>>mast to 8 feet to make it work on 15 and 10....I could tell something was 
>>happening, although the analyzer seemed to say everything was ok...maybe 
>>the load was ok (after all, an analyzer will like a dummy load) but 
>>radiation wise, I was sucking....
>>Charlie NF4A
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