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 I used the Hustler tri-mount with the 20/15/10 meter resonators on it and we seemed to get out pretty good. I was using the short mast - the 3 ft - not the 6 ft.  The GQP was the first time I used it this way. In the past I used the Hustler resonators seperately. The 2nd antenna on the car was a Hamstick for 40.
Also, I am also a firm believer if you take the time to tune your antennas and not rely on an antenna tuner your signal is going to be better too...

This combination seeemed to work well for us and I never felt like our signal was "weak". I did notice the rate picked up the further south we got so I'm sure propagation and skip zones played a big role on who was strong/weak....

                    Jeff KU8E

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> The first day of the contest, I "felt" weak....I assumed it was conditions 
> because on Sunday, I didn't have any problems with stations hearing me or 
> working me if I called them....I can now say that after reading some of the 
> comments, I wasn't that loud on Sunday either....
> I will have a different antenna system for the next FQP....
> I really think that if you mount more than 2 resonators on a mast, you 
> begin to have reduced radiation...I was running 4 (40-10) on the same 
> mast....I think I will have one mast for 40 and 20 CW and then a second 
> mast with 40 SSB and 15 and 10 (next year, I doubt 10 will be a 
> factor)....This time last week, I had a 12 foot mast with 40 and 20 on it 
> and it was working great, but when I added 15 and 10, I had to take the 
> mast to 8 feet to make it work on 15 and 10....I could tell something was 
> happening, although the analyzer seemed to say everything was ok...maybe 
> the load was ok (after all, an analyzer will like a dummy load) but 
> radiation wise, I was sucking....
> Charlie NF4A
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