JoeHornbach,W4SAA hornbach at bellsouth.net
Thu May 1 15:19:41 CDT 2003

Hello to all and thanks for all the fun.

>                     Florida QSO Party
> Call: W4SAA
> Operator(s): W4SAA
> Station: W4SAA
> Class: MobileCW LP
> QTH: 20 cntys
> Operating Time (hrs): 19
> Summary:
>  Band  CW Qs  Ph Qs
> --------------------
>    40:    84
>    20:   935
>    15:    89
>    10:     0
> --------------------
> Total:  1108    0  CW Mults = 58  Ph Mults = 0  Total Score = 257,056
> Club: SFDXA
> Comments:
> Sri so slo to post....got busy after the contest.
> Set up was my OMNI6+ mounted in the big hole above the glove compartment above
> the dash board of my now custom contest car..'90 FORD Tempo.  Thanks to the
> vy loud ford fuel pump power had to come from 3 RV 12 Volt batteries in the back
> seat.  Used two 'ham sticks' side mounted on the rear of the car as ant's.
> Day one saw a 15m stick and a 40m stick.  Day two we mounted a 15m stick and a
> 20m stick. Switched bands and loaded up the 15m stick on twenty with an old mfj
> tuner.  Logged with writelog runnung on an old IBM pentium laptop powered by a
> tripe-lite inverter off a 3rd battery.  Had plenty of power, but not enough
> voltage...the omni chirped on the low voltage.  Improved the signal by runing
> the rig at about 50 watts output most of the weekend.
> I did a single op cw entry.  I did QSY 6 or 8 times to pass out SSB contacts.
> A check log will be sent in to confirm these contacts.
> My driver was Dick, KG4YEK, my friend for several years now who just got
> his new no-code tech ticket.  He is in the process of studying for his general
> class ticket, and thinks cw is neat.  But he does not copy any yet...
> I would not have tried a cw contest from the car without a driver.  It would
> just be to unsafe for me.
> Thank you Dick!
> I believe the catagory is SO + Driver.
> What ever the catagory....it was great fun.
> Crossing county line was exciting.
> My first mobile FQP will not be my last.
> Thanks for the QSO's
> 73   Joe  W4SAA
> ps  made a typo in my cw file for ORANGE county.  part of the time I sent ORG
> as the county abv.  Sent the correct ORA abv the rest of the time.  Will note
> this mistake of mine to the FQP log checkers.  Some 'dupe' qsos were made in
> ORANGE,..  All orange (A&R) QSOs are in the log.   sri.....73  Joe
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