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JE1TRV je1trv at a1club.net
Mon Nov 28 07:11:00 PST 2011

Hi Rob
I can help translation from English to Japanese,
but cannot help to send e-mails to those JA hams you listed since I have no 
idea about their e-mail address.

Regarding the contest itself, here is my humble opinion;

There are too many ordinary style contests almost every weekends.
And all of those ordinary contests are not so interest for me and may be for 
many hams who have only modest set up too.
Because, rich station who has huge antenna and big power is always strong.
It's something like a station power competition instead of an operation 
technique competition.
Rich man wins, poor man lose. :-(

As one of important objective of CWops, we must grow new comers or new 
So the CWO must encourage those hams as a priority.

For example,
1. Max power 50W (or set high powerpenalty)
2. Give hand key multi (Straight key x4, Bug x2, Paddle x1, Keyboard x0.5 
3. Give antenna multi (Dipole/Vert x 1, in case of beam 2lel  x1/2, 3 ele x 
1/3, 4 ele x 1/4, etc.)
4. must use Paper logging (no computer :-)

Or rather than that, let's do the CWO on MorseRunner on computer.

Please take a look at HST championship,
many young peopole can comepete their technique with fair condition.

Thank you for reading
Atsu, JE1TRV
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  I've been playing around with my CQ WW log, here. I had 200 JA QSOs out of 
472! That's amazing. After importing the log into a spreadsheet and removing 
duplicate callsigns, I have 172 JA stations that took part in CQ WW.

  What I'd like to do is ask JA1NUT and JE1TRV to translate an invitation I 
will write (in English) and then I'd like to send that Japanese-language 
invitation to this list of 172 JA amateurs inviting them to participate in 
CW OPEN 2012.

  There was quite a nice list of China participants, too. So, I'm going to 
translate the invitation into Mandarin and email those amateurs.

  My EU list is not all that extensive. Maybe Pete or someone else on the 
East Coast can do a similar thing with their log for EU countries. I know I 
did work a lot of Spain, so could probably pull together a list for that 
country, too.

  I think if we send an invitation early on (in January?) and, again, in 
July, we will turn out quite a bit more activity for the CW OPEN 2012.

  What do you think about that idea?


  Rob K6RB

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