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Alan Maenchen ad6e at arrl.net
Sun Jun 19 11:42:16 PDT 2011

Forwarding to the whole group...

An interesting idea.  I don't think it's possible to pick date/time that
won't conflict with some other event somewhere.  That said, it isn't good to
conflict with a popular event.  I don't know anything about RDA, so your
opinion is important. I'm inclined to keep it as it is with existing times
and dates, but if this a serious event in EU, maybe we should do something
to accommodate. Results from 2009 (latest I could find) shows top dogs get
about 1000 QSOs. They received roughly 500 logs with 300 being CW or mixed

I think it's possible that both RDA and CWO can co-exist.  RDA requires a
serial number or district number that will be acceptable to CWO.  If an RDA
station doesn't mind handing out a name when asked, it should work out OK.
However, the RDA folks will not be happy with us stepping on their turf. I
note RDA does not suggest frequencies. We could do that similar to CWT as a
way to mitigate QRM.


73, Alan  AD6E

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Thanks for your not. <i will pass it along to the people handling this
event. I do not set the times and dates for CWO. 73,

Art KZ5D

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Dear Art

(excuse my english ...).

the 1st CW-open (excellent idea) is previous on the 3rd week-enf of
august...but there is also the RDA contest existing old date before .

For EU stns very important qrm activity during this contest !!

SO. , I suggest to addapt our 3 periods times with this contest

RDA contest period is saturday 0800z to sunday 0800z

If it is possible to change our periods like this :

saturday 0300, to 0400z
sunday 1200z to 0400z
sunday 2000z to 0000z

there will be no confusion between the 2 contests , and i think that the
participants will be better for our contest

this only an suggestion !!!!......

personaly i will adpat my activity ...hi


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