[Cwo] CWO and N1MM

Peter Chamalian w1rm at arrl.net
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In the exchange window you need to enter your initial exchange as 001 and
Rob.  Logger will then run sequential numbers from the 001 and send your


This is in the open new log or open log window.


Pete, W1RM


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I don't know that much about N1MM. I downloaded 11.06.01 version and
selected CWOPEN, had two instances on the screen (e.g .10 m and 40 m), moved
back and forth between the two, and the numbering stayed consistent. Changed
bands and the logger followed me, fine. CW sending was good. When I stopped
at the 9th QSO and asked for the Cabrillo file it said the sent exchange
would be SENT EXCHANGE. So, the Cabrillo file (attached) has the right info
for the QSOs, and the right serial numbers for me, but it just says EXCHG
instead of ROB. Probably something I didn't do on my end. It looks pretty
good to me.


Rob K6RB

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Guys are we ready to have the CW Open module released yet?


Pete, W1RM



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