[ARDF] ARDF Prmotion - Book Publishing (Don Pitchford)

Neil R. neil at robin-wood.com
Tue Jan 5 15:51:38 PST 2010

I prefer xxx.PDF files as a first choice particularly when their are lots of pictures or graphs available.  I travel with a "netbook" and read entire books on it plus I get a bonus of color images.  Easy to print schematics and things like that if you need hardcopy of certain parts.

Hard Copy is second choice but will not pay higher price if I can find a copy in PDF.  I always wish to support electronic copies and not cut down trees.

I recently returned from a cruise in which a number of people were using Kindles. My netbook could do everything they could do and more for less cost. Maybe they can scroll easier but I've learned to be pretty good with Adobe.

Neil, WA7NBF

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