[ARDF] MK4 sniffer web site changed

Marvin Johnston marvin at west.net
Tue Oct 13 07:53:22 PDT 2009

This is a repost of Bryan's post on the [Melb-Fox-ARDF] listserver:


Please note if you still have links to the bigpond site for the MK4 
sniffer as of the end of last month they will no longer work. (Thanks 
Telstra!) If you manage a site could you please update the links to the 

For the main site: http://www.foxhunt.com.au

The current MK4 manual is at http://www.foxhunt.com.au/2m_sniffer/manual.htm

Despite the domain name being active for quite a few years nearly 
everything that I look at in search engines directly references the old 
bigpond site, possibly because of the number of people who have set up 
and/or copied these original links. Its going to take me quite a while 
to try to get people to repair dead links, that is assuming that they 
all actually DO have contact details on their pages!. (many don't!)


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