[ARDF] ARDF Team USA forming soon

Homingin at aol.com Homingin at aol.com
Wed Feb 1 21:26:39 PST 2006

It is time to send USA's Letter of Intent for attending the World ARDF 
Championships in Primorsko, Bulgaria, September 12 - 17, 2006.  If you wish to be 
considered for a position on Team USA, either as "definite" or "maybe," please 
let me know right away by return e-mail directly to me.  In your e-mail, please 
let me know if you will be participating in the USA ARDF Championships in 
North Carolina during April.  Performances in 2005 and/or 1006 national 
championships are important criteria for team member selection.

Also, if you and/or a family member wishes to attend the WCs as a visitor or 
juror, please so state.

Bulletin #1 for the organizers with information on schedule, location, 
transportation, housing and food can be downloaded in PDF form at www.homingin.com.

Finally, note that the IARU Region 1 High Speed Telegraphy Championships take 
place in the same Bulgarian location from September 20 - 24, just after the 
ARDF Championships.  If you are interested in staying on and representing USA 
in that contest, let me know because a separate Letter of Intent must be sent.

Joe Moell K0OV
ARRL/USA ARDF Coordinator

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