[ARDF] Cincinnati ARDF Practice Session Results...and Event Announcements

Matthew Robbins aa9yh at hotmail.com
Mon May 3 12:47:34 CDT 2004

Results from Saturday's ARDF Practice:


Also, below is a list of some recent events and some upcoming events.  If 
you're planning to travel very far to attend any of these, please contact 
the Event Director to ensure an adequate number of maps and to ensure we 
don't cancel it for some reason.

I'd especially like to plug the June 5 & 6 event, which will be a 
full-length, two-day event.  The venue or venues have not been decided yet, 
but the event will be on our larger Orienteering Cincinnati maps.  Cost will 
be minimal.  Probably $4 or $6 per day to cover map costs and possibly 
shelter rental.  Again, if you're planning to travel very far, please let us 
know you're coming.  We'd rather have you cancel than to not be ready for 
you.  Start times have not been considered yet, but I'd prefer something to 
accommodate people traveling Saturday Morning.  Probably a 10 or 11 am start 
on Saturday and a 9 am start on Sunday.

Matthew Robbins
Cincinnati, Ohio USA

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>Subject: Cincinnati ARDF Practice Sessions
>Date: Sun, 2 May 2004 16:06:27 EDT
>ARDF practice sessions have been plentiful as locals prepare for the USA
>championships in June. Here is a list of past and scheduled sessions. For 
>information on upcoming contact either WA6EZV at arrl.net or WB4SUV at arrl.net.
>March 28th.  Full 2M course, Stanbery Park - Hosted by K4BRI. 5 K course
>April 25th, Shortened 80M and 2M courses, My. Airy Forest. Very Wet, Rainy
>day. - courses set by all participants.  Set one each and find the others. 
>4 to
>5 K
>May 1st - Radio-"O" at McFarland woods, 80 meters - Hosted by Matt, AA9YH.
>!0 control Radio Orienteering course.  find the 20 Milliwatt QRP 
>located inside the orienteering circle. Brown level orienteering course - 5 
>May 8th - Full 2 meter course, location TBA - Contact WB4SUV for more
>Event to follow Mobile Foxhunt.
>May 15th, 16th - Dayton Hamvention - No practice sessions.
>May 22 or 23 - 2 Meter course  - Hosted by WA6EZV To be Announced
>May 29 or 30 ????
>June 5-6 - Full practice event, 2 meters and 80 meters, location(s) TBA  - 

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