[ARDF] 2004 US ARDF Championship

Marvin Johnston marvin at rain.org
Tue Aug 19 11:50:05 CDT 2003

Well, the m50 people *I* am aware of who are interested in going to the
Czech Republic are Jay Hennigan, Dick Arnett, Bob Frey, Dale Hunt,
myself, and now you :). I haven't followed the other classes. My
suspicion is that the US Championships next year will also have a big
influence on who makes the US Team. As we keep getting more people
interested in ARDF, I can only see the competition increasing to make
the US Team ... and that is a good thing!

Marvin, KE6HTS

Sam Smith wrote:
> Bob Frey wrote:
>      I am EXTREMELY disappointed in Dale's comments of making
>      the selections based on this years event since as an
>      organizer I could not participate. Also what about all
>      those who would continue to train and perform better in
>      upcoming events. Based on Dale's suggestion why bother.
>      I might as well forget it.
> Do we have a documented selection process? The more people we get the
> more we need to have one. Nothing gets people more upset than a mystery
> process... I wasn't aware that we had so much competition for slots.
> Next year I'm eligible for M50 :-) But it's a real long shot that I
> would leave the US.
> Sam N4MAP
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