[ARDF] 2004 US ARDF Championships?

Freyra at aol.com Freyra at aol.com
Mon Aug 18 10:41:29 CDT 2003

Dale hunt Wrote: 
    The simple solution is to base the team selection on
    this year's Championships instead of doing it on short
    notice next year.  (Of course that doesn't help those of
    us who were hoping to do better next time...)  But
    that is a decision for Joe to make, since he is the
    one who has to select the team members.

I am EXTREMELY disappointed in Dale's comments of making the selections based 
on this years event since as an organizer I could not participate. Also what 
about all those who would continue to train and perform better in upcoming 
events. Based on Dale's suggestion why bother. I might as well forget it.

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