[usa2003ardf] Fox Oring transmitters

Sam Smith sam.smith at ece.gatech.edu
Mon Aug 11 09:02:39 CDT 2003

Freyra at aol.com wrote:
>        f. 80M fox orenteering transmitters - I believe these 10 MW 
> transmitters fall into the PArt 15 regulations. Here is a link for  those who want to 
> give it areal coose look. http://www.arrl.org/tis/info/part15.html

OK, I gave it a real close look, although I am not a lawyer, and I used 
the abbreviated rules on the ARRL web site. Looks to me like low power 
intentional radiators under part 15 have to be "certificated". Which 
means testing by an independent lab and submitting the results and a 
form to the FCC. If it were an unintentional radiator you could just put 
a sticker on it, but intentional radiators have to be tested... Might be 
simpler just to put a PIC in it and have it ID and use part 97.

Of course I could be totally wrong - somebody else give it a close look 
and report back...


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