[usa2003ardf] What's next for this e-mail reflector?

Matthew Robbins aa9yh at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 6 17:57:38 CDT 2003

I was just wondering what is next for this e-mail reflector.  I understand 
there is a Fox List that covers both "normal" mobile T-hunts and ARDF.  Is 
there a need for an ARDF only list, or would a combined list better grow 

Does anyone have a link for joining the Fox list?

One topic I'd like to propose is Club Equipment for ARDF.  Or maybe "Meet 
Equipment".  At Oxford, someone I spoke to wanted to put on events, but was 
having trouble figuring out what pieces to get and how to put them together. 
  On a budget.

Most of the information I've found describes what transmitter, what 
controller, but doesn't go into detail about integrating the pieces into a 
working system.  I'm interested in both architecture issues about what the 
pieces are and how they fit together as well as construction articles that 
are detailed enough for first time builders.

While I'm more interested in full-up ARDF five transmitter systems, articles 
about one or two transmitter practice gear, especially if it were cheap, 
would be very interesting.  I remember that a Yaesu FT-50 HT I have has an 
automatic ID feature.  I was thinking that feature might be useful for a 
quick demo transmitter, although I've got to say that a PIC-CON at $40 looks 
hard to beat.

For 2m, is it more-or-less standard to use older HTs, or do people build 
transmitters from boards or from scratch?  Are certain HT's better than 

I'm building an interface cable for my first Pic-Con (mine has a DB-9 
connector---the new style), and I was wondering what other people have done 
regarding standardizing connectors and boxing them up and power (separate 9V 
battery or get power from the main gel cell?).  One big box with unboxed 
components inside, or smaller boxes inside a bigger box?  It might be nice 
to box up the Pic-Con in a box that could run a key or a HT/PTT button with 
appropriate connectors and a switch (or whatever it needs), and maybe even 
include the battery in the box...

Anyway, is this type of discussion appropriate here, or is there a better 

Matthew Robbins
Cincinnati, OH

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