[usa2003ardf] Orienteering Convention 2004

Sam Smith sam.smith at ece.gatech.edu
Tue Aug 5 13:19:04 CDT 2003

Before everybody gets away, I though I would plug the US Orienteering 
Federation Convention in 2004.

The Georgia Orienteering Club (GAOC) and the Carolina Orienteering Club 
(COK) are co-hosting the USOF Convention for 2004 in the mountains of 
western North Carolina and north Georgia. The dates are June 26th 
through July 4th 2004. There will be 4 Class-A orienteering events (on 
the weekends) with Bike-O, Park-O, Trail-O and the famous BubbaGoat race 
during the week, as well as some "fun" events in the early evenings. In 
addition you get one day off when we will organize a rafting trip on the 
Chatooga River (where they filmed the movie "Deliverance") or hiking on 
a section of the Appalachian Trail. Accomodations for the Convention 
will be at a small private college in Cleveland, GA., where you will get 
room and board for a modest fee.

The class schedule for the convention has not been set, but we are 
planning on offering a multi-day mapping clinic, including time in the 
field, in the classroom, and in the computer lab at the college. We are 
also planning a course setting clinic and competition. There will be a 
multitude of other clinics/conferences/seminars on various topics of 
interest to orienteers and club organizers.

I would love to have an ARDF/radio-o demonstration event as well, but 
our volunteers are already spread pretty thin. If anyone wants to tackle 
this, I will support you with maps and equipment. Maybe an 80 meter Fox 
O-ring demo? We are expecting about 300 people for the convention, with 
more on the weekends, so there is no way we can get that many receivers 
for people to use, but a short demo event may be feasible.

The convention website is at http://www.usof2004.org


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